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Here you have to apply the following settings in your computer in order to wiev your personal file:
  • In your internet browser click 'Tools', then 'Internet Options', then 'Privicy' then 'Edit'
  • In the opened box you will see a line 'WEB Site Address' . Here you must write 'e-vet.org' and then click 'Allow'.
  • Finally click 'OK' to complete the action.
Normally you should reach to your personal file after this step.
But if you still can not see it then come back to 'Internet Options' and put '0' (zero) and Clear History box. Clik OK again and restart your internet browser. In order to communicate with the other volunteers placed in your camp and to confirm your participation you should update your personal file, especially the e-mail address if it is not written already.

Dear Volunteer
You are one of 10.000 volunteer going to participate or already participate to one of 4500 projects
We would like to remind you that you can use https://www.e-vet.org/volt5 and with your login and password in your smartphone also
  • Upload your picture to let your host organization and workcamp friend to know you before you rich the project
  • To follow your request status
  • To confirm your participation and inform host organization about your arrival time and special request
  • To send email to other participant accepted to the same project
  • To download info sheets as soon as it is uploaded and you are confirmed to the project
  • To make evaluation/rating of your experience

Your organization is one of 48 worldwide organization using e-vet Online placement software and we are happy to allow you to get benefit of it