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SUBIR AL SUR is a program of Sustainable, Education and solidarity Foundation. We dedicate to promote intercultural education through creating peaceful encounters between people from different cultures and backgrounds. This exchange between the community and the international volunteers will help to support and realise local projects.
This project is organized among latin american and european organizations, it is the result of the Learning Bridges project. It is organized by Latin American and European Organizations. It has a committee which decides the main parts of the projects and coordinate different working groups, which are communication, fundraising, transport, methodology. We want to establish this groups to get funds for transport and all the costs of the workcamp, but also to communicate and to dream together the possibility of meeting for a solidarity project. Volunteers who are participating in the workcamps are invited to join the working groups from the beginning.
Buenos Aires
Important: this project doesn´t have fee, but if someone wants to participate joining the working groups is a condition.

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