• 24/08/2012
  • 08/09/2012
  • 16 - 26
  • chantiers 1-3 semaines

  • CONS
  • Germany
  • Zeitz
  • Leipzig
  • 6M - 8F
  • 18
  • 350.00  (f)
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  • On the Youth Hostel grounds in Kretzschau, your team will help build an adventure playground. Two IJGD camps already started the preparation work last year. This year, the actual building of the playground will be done. Alongside the construction, your team will also be responsible for smaller renovation tasks.
  • Accommodation: You will be staying in shared rooms in bungalows, with showers and restrooms. Catering: Meals will be provided by the hostel.
  • Free Time: The Kretzschau Youth Hostel is located right on a lake, so you can jump on in anytime you want. The city of Zeitz is only 5 km away and even has an underground city you can discover. You can also explore the local landscape, marked by medieval constructions and which is also home to the northernmost vineyards in Europe. Location: Saxony-Anhalt; Zeitz 5 km, Leipzig 45 km, Naumburg/Saale 30 km.
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Ijgd is an independent non-profit organisation active in the field of international youth work. It is one of the largest and oldest workcamp organisations in Germany.

After Worldwar II pupils from Hanover organised the first workcamps aiming to promote reconstruction, to reduce negative stereotypes through international encounters and to envisage new democratic forms of living together. In addition to workcamps, other activities have become part of the work over time. These are organised by six offices of ijgd and additional project offices. Young people can take part in mid-term and long-term voluntary services in Germany and abroad. The fields of activity include social and ecological service as well as heritage protection.
The work of ijgd is funded by state and federal subsidies as well as from other public institutions.

Encouraging intercultural understanding has remained one of the main focuses. Ijgd enables people to actively create community life while giving them the opportunity to broaden their horizons.
Ijgd invites all interested people to join projects working for the communal good!
Self-Organization is spelt with a capital S at ijgd! It purposely foregoes a camp day that is organized by its participants in lieu of a completely pre-organized one. A readiness for active participation in the group is expected from all participants. The group organizes everything about the camp, this includes grocery shopping, cooking, deciding what to do with free time, as well as all other activities of the camp.

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    7 Kilburn ST Suite 316


    United States

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    Local: 802.540.3060


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