• 13/10/2012
  • 27/10/2012
  • 21 - 99
  • chantiers 1-3 semaines

  • Jamaica
  • MONTEGO BAY Airport
  • Montego Bay
  • 5M - 5F
  • 10
  • 350.00  USD (pr)
  • 200.00 USD
  • Extra fee is $200. No insurance provided for this project.

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  • Esher Primary School in Lucea is our sponsor
  • Volunteers will teach recycling, organic composting, and being green to third through sixth graders at Esher Primary School, and two high schools in Lucea. We will clean up trash from the Lucea Harbor, and a local neighborhood. We will paint murals and signs focusing on community recycling and being green. STUDY THEME: How to change the mindset of an entire country to switch from current methods of trash handling to more sustainable methods such as RECYCLING and ORGANIC COMPOSTING. There is currently no policy in place to require that recycling be mandatory in Jamaica. You will need to prepare in advance a short presentation about yourself and where your are from. Please also be prepared to discuss the policies and procedures regarding recycling where you live. Please use posterboard and include photos for your presentation. We will practice our presentations to each other before we teach at the local schools. We will split the large classes into smaller groups. If you are creative, outdoorsy, appreciate nature, and love to paint murals or work with kids, then you will be well suited for this project. **If there is a topic, hobby or sport that you would like a chance to share with students, locals or volunteers, please do so!! For example, one of our volunteers will be offering after school classes to teach karate and yoga to the students. Another volunteer loves to fish and is bringing small fish hooks in order to join the neighborhood children fishing behind their homes.
  • To begin the project, volunteers will stay in a simple cabin by the sea for two nights. Then you will share a home with a local Jamaican family of four for the remainder of the project. Volunteers will share responsibility for cooking meals.Open-minded and eager to learn about and interact with a new culture. Flexible to eat local foods and stay/live in simple conditions.
  • Lucea is located 30 minutes from popular tourist destinations Montego Bay and Negril. It is about $10 roundtrip to visit either city. Negril boasts seven miles of beach and five miles of cliffs. During free time, volunteers can take a private chartered taxi ride to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, waterfalls, Windsor Research Center, Appleton Rum Factory, or the Black River Safari. Side trips start at $50. Also popular is bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, cliff diving, sunbathing, and interacting with locals.
  • Note to Asthmatics, air quality can be a challenge at times, especially around traffic exhaust and burning piles of trash. Fast acting inhalers and asthma meds are crucial to have on hand at all times. $200 Extra fee payable to VFP at least 2 weeks before start of project. Open-minded and eager to learn about and interact with a new culture.

There are many types of work available because projects arise from grassroots local community needs. Most projects are 2-3 weeks long. Accommodations vary widely, but usually volunteers share the same living space, doing all their own cleaning and food preparation on a rotating basis. VFP is a Vermont non-profit corporation with tax exempt status (501 (c) (3), as determinated by the IRS. We are located in Burlington, Vermont which is the largest city with a population of ~40,000. VFP is an Executive Committee member of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and works in cooperation with Service Civil International (SCI), and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. The history of International Voluntary Service dates back more than 85 years. Our office staff, Board, Advisory Board and thousands of volunteers in the field help to facilitate these projects. Within the CCIVS network, over 100,000 volunteers are exchanged annually. VFP was founded in 1982 and since then has exchanged over 28,000 volunteers.

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