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  • 21/07/2019
  • 5 - 90
  • Campo per famiglie con bambini)

  • France
  • Montendre
  • Full Full
  • 15
  • 100.00 EUR
  • Participation fee: 50aO for children under 10, 100aO for participants of ages 11 and up

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  • Renovated by volunteers from all around the world during international work camps, La Maison des Bateleurs has been an international hosting center for 20 years, which witnesses rich cultural meetings and exchanges. Located in the town of Montendre, a small charming village amongst the pine trees, la Maison des Bateleurs is an ideal place to welcome you. It comes to life with the daily presence of volunteers and wants to be a place which promotes openness and a social and cultural mix. Sustainable development is a current theme that is meant to be transversal. On a daily basis with volunteers, we strive to set up eco-citizen attitudes and carry out activities that contribute to this (produce own food, prepare meals, sort waste, recycle, adopt methods to save energy, etc.). This is why MBSJ has been an environmental center for several years: a phytosanitary basin, dry toilets, a compost, an organic garden, the use of surrounding natural resources, are just a few example.
  • During this project, you will participate actively in the life of the house and different activities: collective life (cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc.) intercultural exchanges (mingling with the local population and the volunteers of the association), etc.The aim of this project is, thanks to exchanges and intergenerational knowledge transfer, to awaken you and raise awareness about sustainable development and to make you participate actively in all the activities of the environmental center, especially in the vegetable garden. In the summer it is a question of watching what has been sown and harvest the fruits of the spring (tomats for example); in autumn, te maintenance of the garden is also the harvest period (last crops of August and September and those of autumn such as cabbages, squash, etc). In winter, it is also time for sowing as well as cleaning (tearing off the seedlings of vegetables that no longer produce, picking up dead leaves, etc.). The work will consist mainly of the maintenance of the vegetable garden of MBSJ (sowing, transplanting, binage, watering, harvests) in square so that you can own a small space of soil. You will then make preserves to maximize the harvest, to promote its consumption and to avoid wastage and losses. In addition, you will participate in the maintenance of compost bins (according to various processes: vermicompost, windrow, and implementation of compost according to agrcological principles), phytosanitary basin, hen house (harvest of eggs from the garden during the preparation of meals) and bamboo.
  • collective, mixed, and/or individual rooms at La Maison de Bateleurs. The meals will be prepared in turns by teams (Families and international volunteers present).
  • Location: Montendre, Charente-Maritime, 75 km from the sea, between Bordeaux and Angouleme. Leisure activities: The goal is to exchange rich cultures with the locals and the association of Montendre. You will participate in the national heritage days (opening all the heritage buildings in France). Tours of the region will be organized collectively according to your desires: visits to the cities, the ocean, museums, etc. Activities with the welcome center will be offered regularly: pizza nights, evening games, etc. It will also be an opportunity to discover the inner workings of SolidaritEs Jeunesses.
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Solidarites Jeunesses works alongside a number of partner organisations world-wide, exchanging volunteers and organising international solidarity projects. The association has been the French branch of Youth Action for Peace till 2009, a movement created after the First World War in order to reconcile people of different nationalities through a better mutual understanding.

Solidarites Jeunesses is a national youth organisation, recognised by the French Ministry of Youth and Sport. Our national headquarters are situated in Paris. We organise short and longer-term international youth volunteer workcamps and voluntary services, projects with people from disadvantaged areas, training sessions, and international solidarity projects. We also manage rural residential and community centres.

Solidaites Jeunesses is composed of 7 regional delegations: Ile-de-France, Franche-Comt�, Languedoc-Roussillon, PACA, Auvergne, Poitou-Charentes and Midi-Pyrenees. Moreover it cooperates with partners in the regions of Bretagne, Lorraine and with La Crois�e des Regards in the region PACA.

The international workcamp is a very important part in the action undertaken by Solidarites Jeunesses. It is prepared a long time in advance in the different regional offices and the National Secretariat.
The international workcamp, open to volunteers of any age, is seen as a tool of local and personal development, tolerance and understanding between the different participants. Furthermore, we lay emphasis on the inclusion of people coming from disadvantaged areas. The workcamps promote the active participation of the local population.


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