• 30/07/2019
  • 12/08/2019
  • 7 - 50
  • Campo per famiglie con bambini)

  • KIDS
  • Russian Federation
  • St.Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg (Leningrad)
  • 4M - 5F
  • 9
  • 170.00 EUR

  • Motivation letter from one parent
    Certificate of Good Conducts from parent
    Agreement of not having certain diseases should be signed by volunteers and for kids as well (form will be sent during selection of volunteers)
  • Children betwee 7 and 12 years old. Extra fee 110 euro for 1 child aged 7-12 years, 170 euro for 1 adult.


  • “Rutenia” is a children’s horse academy which teaches kids for classical horse riding. The attitude towards horses is very loyal and warm, horses can even sleep on the riding-hall. In the summer period “Rutenia” runs summer camp for children on horse-riding with extensive English learning, kids sometimes come with their parents.
  • Volunteers will help in running summer camp for children, who come to “Rutenia” for horse trainings on their holidays. Age of children in the camp is 7-12 years, so we prefer families with children of the same age. Adult volunteers will help camp-leaders in organizing daily activities for kids, different workshops, common work in garden with kids. One of the tasks is to speak English with children as the camp is with English learning. 2 days-off per week, schedule will be set on place. Almost the whole day volunteers will be involved in activities, but it is not something hard – like usual summer camp for children, and while they are on trainings or having rest – volunteers also have an opportunity to relax. Children will be involved in all activities as participants of the summer camp, including volunteering activities in the garden and small zoo.
  • Volunteers will live in large hotel room – 2 families in one room, but we will check with amount of families’ members. Shower and toilet are in the room. Food will be prepared in canteen by chef.
  • “Rutenia” is situated 40 minutes by fast-train from St.Petersburg, so on their free-time volunteers will be able to visit St.Petersburg and places around. On the territory of “Rutenia” there is a small zoo, many horses, beautiful forests around. In some excursions for children in the camp volunteers will also be able to participate.
  • No alcohol, no smoking, no tattoos, no piercing (earrings are allowed). Insurance is not provided. Motivation letter is required. Certificate of good conducts is needed. Agreement of not having certain diseases should be signed by volunteers (form will be sent during selection of volunteers). Good level of English (for parents). Some artistic skills will be an advantage. Volunteers should love children =) Extra fee 110 euro for 1 child aged 7-12 years, 170 euro for 1 adult.

Autonomous non-profit organisation for support and development of social tourism “Smart Travel Bureao” is located in St-Petersburg, Russia. Our main goals: • To raise awareness and develop critical approach to mainstream issues among young people; • To encourage young people being active participants of the society, developing their skills, competences through involvement into intercultural, volunteering and non-formal learning projects • To provide opportunities for young people to discover new cultures and to exchange their opinions with people from other countries; • To ensure social inclusion and non-discrimination; • To develop and support social tourism and entrepreneurship, involve people of different ages in it. Our workcamps are open to the people at the age from 18 years. We are glad to see people of different religions and cultures. Most camps are held in the city of St. Petersburg. In some workcamps we involve volunteers from different regions of Russia. We work with local municipals and young social entrepreneurs.


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