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  • 04/07/2019
  • 15/07/2019
  • 18 - 30
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  • The YOUNG TALENTS aeuro( Solidarity Show is very connected to the following areas: solidarity, community, environment and culture.This project, in addition to a musical show performed at the Vila Real Theater for a public of 500 people, where the use of recycled musical instruments is highlighted, also takes the stage to the street in order to promote greater contact with society. To watch this show in a sitting position, each member of the public will have to donate a food or basic hygiene goods, thus gaining access to their place. The goods collected are delivered to the Friend Municipalitty project of the Vila Real Municipal Council for delivery to the poor families in the region.
  • The main tasks for this project are:- Create musical instruments made of recycable material; - Write and design logically the different stages of the show;- Prepare musics for the shows;- Prepare tickets to exchange for food and higien products for the donation;- Film and record the performances; - Prepare the stage with musical and light materials;- Prepare an intercultural night.
  • - Kind of lodgement: Local School in a big pavilion- NO NEED TO BRING tents, but you SHOULD BRING sleeping bag, matress and extra sleeping blanket- Boys and girls stay in the same big pavilion- You have showers in the Local School- Number of meals: 4 (Breakfast, Lunch, break and dinner)- You only HAVE TO COOK the breakfast and afternoon snack, you DONaeuroT HAVE TO COOK Lunch and Dinner
  • Vila Real
  • Respect for all participantsIntegrate work and group activities with joyBe an active and helpful memberBring new ideas to the groupAccomplish with schedules

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