• 13/04/2019
  • 27/04/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • Germany
  • Heidenheim an der Brenz
  • Full Full
  • 10
  • 30.00  (f)
  • Picture can be from other project


  • Your host is the Open-Air Theatre Heidenheim, the 2nd largest one of its kind in Southern Germany. It is situated on the aeurooecastle hillaeuro of the town, surrounded by forests, and can accommodate 1100 spectators. The Open-Air Theatre is run by a non-profit association and they are very happy about your help. This project is perfect for everyone who is interested in theatres and wants to have a look behind the scenes Have a look at the Theatre here:
  • This year, you will help with the set construction In 2019, two plays will be performed (aeurooeWest Side Storyaeuro and aeurooeThe Thief Lordaeuro) and the stage needs to be renewed accordingly: In the end, the scenery is supposed to look like Manhattan in the fifties and Venice at the same time aeuro( a very interesting and challenging task Therefore, you will create house fronts, floors, stairs, even a building and a Venetian gondola You will screw, nail, and paint. Smaller props needs to be manufactured, too. There will be a work instructor who helps you with all tasks. It is helpful though, if you have a bit of experience in manual/constructional work and have used tools like cordless screwdrivers before.
  • You will be accommodated directly on the project side: Next to the stage, there is huge building for administration, a workshop, a cafE. Here you will have two rooms for yourselves, showers, a kitchen and a common room. Please donaeurot forget to bring a sleeping bag
  • Heidenheim an der Brenz is a town with about 46.000 inhabitants. The area is rather rural with a beautiful countryside: since it is at the end of the Swabian Albs, there are many hills and forests. There is a castle and a wildlife park in Heidenheim, very close to your project. If you would like to visit a larger town, you may go to Ulm which is only 30km away. But also Stuttgart and Munich are just about 2 hours by train
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IBG is a German non-profit organisation founded in 1965. Our aims are to promote international understanding and to facilitate and organise voluntary work while coordinating closely with our local partners. IBG is a registered charity and does not have a political, religious or institutional affiliation. IBG receives funds from the European Union and from the German Ministry for Youth. We mainly organize workcamps in Germany.

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