• 19/08/2018
  • 01/09/2018
  • 18 - 99
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • Poland
  • Siedlce
  • Warszawa (Warsaw)
  • 3Male - 3Female
  • 7
  • 30.00  (f)
  • Picture can be from other project


  • Association Alzheimer in Siedlce (SSCA) from 1994 deals with the problems of people with Alzheimer disease. In 1999 in small village Ptaszki we founded first in Poland social welfare home for people with Alzheimer disease and other dementia illness. Due to the demand for this kind of service in 2010 second home in place Kukawki was opened. It is located 12 kilometres from Ptaszki. Nowadays we have 50 inhabitants in both houses.
  • Taking care of green areas ( mowing the grass, weeding), maintenance of cleanliness in the buildings (washing the Wheelchairs, rehabilitation beds), help with renovation of the building ( painting the walls), organize leisure time for patients.
  • Volunteers will sleep in rooms in the building with access to sanitary facilities, we provide meals served in main building. Volunteers should bring their own sleeping bags.
  • Our homes are located 30 kilometres from Siedlce, former provincial town. On a daily basis our guests can commune with nature, visit the nature reserve. The nearest one is in the neighborhood of Ptaszki and is called Nature Reserve Klimonty.
  • Volunteers must be ready to work with intellectually disabled people and should have a strong motivation to do so.

FIYE is a vibrant Polish non-governmental and non-profit organisation. Ever since it was established in 1989, FIYE has been active in the field of voluntary service and particularly committed to international youth exchange programmes. Throughout the years, FIYE has developed and successfully carried out a considerable number of volunteer projects with special regard to short-term summer projects (workcamps) and long-term programmes lasting 6-12 months. FIYE considers voluntary service programmes as a unique and excellent form of maintaining international contacts, fostering youth exchange, enabling participants to fight cross-cultural barriers, and developing bonds of long-lasting friendships. Furthermore, FIYE aims at popularising the currently vital concepts of mutual help, solidarity, peace and civic awareness. Volunteers participating in FIYE's projects always emphasise the fact that due to their "Polish experience," they have grown more responsible, open-minded and above all, have managed to stand up to a challenge, test themselves in demanding conditions and initiate a cross-cultural dialogue, which they consider rewarding and valuable in today's world.

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