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  • UODeparture date: The official end of the project will be on the 19th July 2019, after farewell dinner. Official departure from the project accommodation facility is on the 20th August 2019, before 09:00am. If you wish to stay longer you are advised reserve another accommodation early in advance.UOVisas: Most citizens of different countries requires visa to enter Tanzania. Based on the previous experience we would like to advise you to apply for business visas. It is volunteersaeuro responsibility to make sure having right visas and travel documents. Business visas can be obtained at the Airport or any boarder entry when arriving Tanzania.UO Invitation letter: Once volunteer is accepted, he/she will be issued an official invitation letter (IL) to join the project. This is very important document to support your visas process.

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  • The project:Gender equality has been an agenda in many of our local, National and international development goals for ages. Various positive strategies has been implemented Political, socially and economically to ensure equality. However despite all these efforts equality has not been realized not only in Tanzania but around the world. Based on this fact, this project expected to bring volunteers with Sustainable development ideas and initiative messages to the society through the universe languages and actions of Sports, Music and amp; Arts to create meaningful events to address gender inequality issues and climate change.
  • Volunteers on this project will be engaged in a number of activities aiming to support various community development actions. These will include:-UOCommunity action initiative: Using Music, Arts and Sports to support ongoing local actions like environmental conservation, gender equality and equity.UOArts and Music Workshops: Gatherings of project volunteers, Local musicians, artists and other interested members to have a common understanding of what arts and music is, the power of music and arts, Importance of music and arts in our lives. Volunteers are expected to bring information from their own community for sharing during the workshops.UOPainting for sustainability: drawing images with sustainability messages for exhibition, songs composition, drama and other Arts activities. Volunteers are encouraged to bring painting or other art works with sustainability messages from their own communities for sharing.UOCommunity engagement and Exhibition: Events that are expected to attract goo
  • UOMeals: Three meals will be provide each day at the accommodation including vegetarians. We will have kitchen volunteer responsible in meals preparations, however volunteers shall also be expected to help in meals preparation and dish washing.UOAccommodation: At the communal house in the community. Rooms will be shared between 3-4 people, no bed but mattress on the floor (Comfortable enough). Water and electricity will be available. No washing machine available.
  • Saturdays, Fridays and Public holidays are considered free time for volunteers to explore what the regions can offer them in term of cultural and natural attractions. Being in Northern Tanzania known as the capital of cultural, natural and tourist attraction you will have a good number of options:-UOCultural and amp; Eco tourism around Chagga communities in Kilimanjaro, Masai in Arusha and the neighboring regions.UOWild-life safari - Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National parksUOMountain Climbing- (Mount Kilimanjaro, Meru and others.UOWater side relaxation: Lake Chala, water falls etc.
  • UOMotivation letter: ML should respond to the following questions; why would you like to participate in this project? (Your main motive), How do you plan to contribute to this project? What do you hope to learn and gain from this experience? How will you make advantage of this experience for the aeurooenext stepaeuro in your life? UOCreativity and Flexibility: This project is not independent by itself. It has been designed to complement other projects like Environment, gender, education, children etc. It requires creativity to adopt to the current topics, it require flexibility to adopt to the project as well local realities.UOThis project is suitable for a person who is interested in Sports, Arts and Music, cultural exploration and UN- sustainable development goals themes (SDGs).

UVIKIUTA is a Youth development organization established in the year 1983. The organization came to its existence a respond to the challenges facing today´┐Żs´┐Ż young people socially and economically. UVIKIUTA is working towards improving the living standards of the youths by facilitating them to be self employed, having permanent shelters, getting income, improving education and skill so as to be self reliance. UVIKIUTA activities are categorized under income generation, Eco village development and Development education. More details about these programs can found in the UVIKIUTA main website. International Volunteer Projects: For the last fifteen years UVIKIUTA has been involved in these projects which have been very famous as International workcamps, Medium and long term volunteer programs and community services. International volunteer projects are activities which involves individuals and groups of people who volunteer and live together on a project which has been identified by a local community or a project working with that community. This is a personal-building experience, a journey not only through the geography of our planet, but also a Journey through the several cultures of our world, a self-discovering journey. The program aim at bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, promoting through practical actions, mutual understanding and lasting peace. International volunteers´┐Ż projects are a practical tool to demonstrate that living, working together and sharing knowledge is not only possible but rewarding. In the International Volunteer projects we see the possibility of people to exchange experiences, learn more about other social, cultural, political and living conditions. Program Philosophy: International volunteer projects seek to provide an experience that connects service, culture, professional and personal growth. While the service we offer does improve the quality of life for others, it is equally important as a time to reflect on our own lives. The significance of what we do is more than social charity; it is an encounter with real people in the real world. Projects go beyond the familiar road of commercial society, taking us outside of our comforts so that we can spend our time in someone else's shoes. By working with people in various cultures, we learn to recognize the world we all share. We realize that our lives are interconnected and that our stories have common threads. We hope that by serving others you will discover you and better understand your own values and responsibilities as global citizen. What to Expect in International volunteer Projects: Volunteer projects are organized in very simple but comfortable enough. While most projects are not extreme difficult, positive attitudes, flexibility, and openness to new experiences are essential for every volunteer. The groups who have the best time at the projects are those who can most successfully adapt to their surroundings. Although the projects and living conditions are different for each project, they all share some basic universals. You can expect to eat, to sleep, to shower, do useful things in the community through volunteering, to play, and most importantly, to have fun! At the project you'll get to meet and volunteer with lots of people from the community and from all over the world and cultivate friendships that last much longer than just the time you will be there. Website: (Under construction)


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