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  • In the state of Michoacan, the low level of education, the deficiency of environmental awareness and the lack of intercultural engagement have hindered the development of local economy. This situation affects all levels of the society. For that reason, the institute of Tecnologico de Morelia engages in the efforts of organizing activities with the international volunteers and their students to promote entrepreneurship, multiculturalism and create a global vision. The institute has developed a methodology which helps creating life projects for the youth. For that purpose they focus on the prevention of bullying, dropping out of school and early pregnancies. On the other hand, there are environmental problems that require immediate action such as extinction of certain species of trees and animals due to deforestation and habitat loss. These two aforementioned issues will be the main focus of the workcamp.
  • The volunteers will be working with the students from the institute of Tecnologico de Morelia with the following schedule (daily from 09:00 until 14:00);3rd July: Arrival of the volunteers, welcoming activities and orientation, organization of the tasks4th and 5th July: Training at the ecological ranch aeurooeLa Plantaaeuro where they will be working with children and adolescents6th July: Leisure activities for the weekend, visiting aeurooePueblos Magicosaeuro (traditional ancient villages); Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Cuanajo7th July: Free day8th-12th July: Organizing workshops and lectures about entrepreneurship, life projects, prevention of bullying, environmental awareness and multiculturalism with the children and the adolescents from elementary and middle public schools 13th July: Leisure activity, cultural tour aeurooePurepechaaeuro (indigenous community), visiting the villages of Quiroga, Santa Fe de la Laguna and Tzintzuntzan14th July: Free day15th July: Reforestation of
  • Food and accommodation will be provided during the workcamp.
  • Morelia, founded in 1541, was one of the first Spanish cities in Nueva EspaE a. The first viceroy, Antonio de Mendoza, named it Valladolid after the Spanish city and he encouraged Spanish nobility to move here with their families. In 1828, after Nueva EspaE a had become the Republic of Mexico, the city was renamed Morelia in honor of local hero JosE MarEa Morelos y PavEn, a key figure in Mexicoaeuros independence. Morelia is the state capital of Michoacan and itaeuros a dynamic and beautiful city. Also, Morelia is an increasingly popular destination, and rightly so: the colonial heart of the city is so well preserved that it was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1991, and its cathedral is not just gorgeous, itaeuros inspirational. You can walk in downtown which has many cultural activities and discover the variety of historic buildings and monuments.To learn more about Morelia;
  • This camp is open for young motivated people who would like to help the development of local communities

Vive Mexico is a non profit-making, non-governmental organization that has been organizing International Voluntary Service Projects since the year 1996.
Vive Mexico was officially established in March 1997 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization recognized by the Mexican laws and authorities as a volunteer’s organization.
Founded in 1994 and legally constituted in 1997, Vive Mexico was born as an initiative of students from the Economics Faculty at the Michoacan University. It is the first organization legally constituted in Mexico and had became the biggest organization in Latin America dedicated to promote international co-operation and the development of the International Voluntary Service Activities.
Vive Mexico has great experience in the development of international voluntary service projects in Mexico and Latin America. It had been coordinating short, medium and long term projects since 1994 as well as special co-operations between Mexico and more than 45 countries of the world.
It had also coordinated a wide variety of seminars and congresses as well as leader trainings to help in the creation of international initiatives to promote the International Voluntary Service in Mexico and Latin America.


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