• 22/04/2018
  • 09/05/2018
  • 21 - 99
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • United States
  • Boston
  • Boston
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  • 6
  • 30.00  (f)
  • minimum age to participate is 21

  • Picture can be from other project


  • Spontaneous Celebrations is a festival andcommunity arts organization in Boston, Massachusetts committed to art, activism, community, and the environment. Our organization runs two large festivals a year. Spontaneous Celebrations has developed a spirited, successful, and unique approach to community building.Website: www.spontaneouscelebrations.orglt;http://www.spontaneouscelebrations.orggt;
  • Wake Up the Earth is our biggest festival which takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. This year will be the 36th festival. The original festival was to celebrate the stopping of a highway being built through our section of Boston. Since then, the festival has raised awareness about the environment, labor issues and other political issues. The volunteers will join the festival committee to organize, publicize and engage the community in the event. They will help prepare signs, banners, costumes, decorations, kids activities, etc. Volunteers will help during the event with logistics, set-up, and general support. After the event, the volunteers will be involved with breakdown, clean up and final analysis of the event.Study Themes: Activism and Community Organizing
  • In this VFP projects volunteers live in pairs or threes with a local family close to Spontaneous Celebrations, Accommodations will be communal and space will be shared. Breakfast will be eaten at the host familiesaeuro homes or at Spontaneous Celebrations. Volunteers will take turns cooking for the group and some meals will be provided from community members or restaurants. There is access to laundry nearby or in the homes. Be sure to tell the other volunteers and the co-leader if you have any special diet needs. Vegetarian options available.
  • Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Jamaica Plain, or "JP" as the locals call it, is a classic "streetcar suburb" that has evolved into one of Boston s most diverse and dynamic neighborhoods. The ethnically diverse area is home to many Latinos, young families, and a growing gay and lesbian community. Boston is a popular city in the northeast known for its history, universities, sports teams, and easy access to New York City.Km from New York City: 306 kmKm from San Francisco: 4339 kmThere will be opportunities to explore the city during free time and engage with the community. Leisure activities will be based on volunteer interest. The houses and Spontaneous Celebrations are close to the subway to go downtown. Many community members will be involved in this event and will be helping before and after the event.Bring music, games or other activities to share.
  • minimum age to participate is 21

There are many types of work available because projects arise from grassroots local community needs. Most projects are 2-3 weeks long. Accommodations vary widely, but usually volunteers share the same living space, doing all their own cleaning and food preparation on a rotating basis. VFP is a Vermont non-profit corporation with tax exempt status (501 (c) (3), as determinated by the IRS. We are located in Burlington, Vermont which is the largest city with a population of ~40,000. VFP is an Executive Committee member of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and works in cooperation with Service Civil International (SCI), and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. The history of International Voluntary Service dates back more than 85 years. Our office staff, Board, Advisory Board and thousands of volunteers in the field help to facilitate these projects. Within the CCIVS network, over 100,000 volunteers are exchanged annually. VFP was founded in 1982 and since then has exchanged over 28,000 volunteers.

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