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  • 03/08/2019
  • 17/08/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • France
  • Mairie de St Mihiel Place des Moines 55300 St Mihi
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  • 8
  • 30.00  (f)
  • Unfortunately, the workcamp and the lifecamp are not accessible for wheelchairs.

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  • The city of Saint Mihiel, rich in very diverse heritage elements, has been working for several years to rehabilitate these different elements, by mobilising diversified means. The workcamp will take place in the protected site "Les Roches".The seven rocks on the outskirts of the town are known as the Ladies of Meuse. This was a settlement in the Stone Age. Nowadays it is popular with pilgrims, walkers and rock climbers.
  • Your mission will consist in enhancing and highlighting a charming wall of dry stones, on the protected site "Les Roches" :- Remove vegetation off the wall on which the work will take place- remove a fragile part of the wall, to reassemble it;- sort the stones and organise the sorting in the workspace;- learn how to choose the stones to raise the wall to its original height.The construction of dry stone walls is really traditional and technical. Preserving these buildings on the territories helps to maintain the flora and fauna as the dry stone walls are real ecological niches for many species.
  • Indoor accomodation in dormitory for 3 to 4 people with mattresses. Volunteers should bring sleeping bag with them. Showers and toilets to share. The building is equipped with a kitchen and a relaxation area and located in the middle of nature at the edge of a river. Volunteers might share the lunch area during midday with a local summer camp. During the camp you ll have the opportunity to show off your culinary skills by initiating other volunteers with typical dishes from your region. Meals, like all daily activities will be carried out collectively. We will favor local and seasonal products.
  • St Mihiel is located in the upper valley of the river Meuse, which runs through the city. Rich in historical relics from prehistory through the Renaissance, St Mihiel (40 minutes from Verdun) was also very marked by the First World War. A walk in the history of Lorraine. Volunteers will also be able to do kayaking, climbing, swimming and many outdoor activities around.
  • Unfortunately, the workcamp and the lifecamp are not accessible for wheelchairs.

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