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  • 14/08/2019
  • 25/08/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Czech Republic
  • Chric
  • Full Full
  • 12
  • 30.00  (f)
  • You can learn more about the social brewery and its history here: You can see some photos from the previous workcamps here: Please note that it is possible to stay at the workcamp site until Monday in case you want to relax after the festival and explore the surroundings.

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  • The workcamp takes place in a 16th century brewery situated in the small village of Chric in cooperation with the local NGO Propolis. The brewery was a ruin until 2009 when Propolis started to renovate it with the help of volunteers. The brewery is an educational centre focused on history and local handicrafts as well as a social and cultural centre organising various workshops and festivals. There is a Museum of Daily Life hosting interactive exhibitions on traditional rural life. Propolis also runs a social enterprise producing beer and employing people with mental and physical disabilities. The aim of the workcamp is to help with the ongoing renovation of the area around the brewery where open-air events take place, such as the Kric music and theatre festival which you will also help to organise.
  • You will work in the garden next to the brewery. You will learn to use a traditional technique of building dry stone walls. The work itself can be physically demanding. These traditional stone walls are an important feature in the garden amphitheatre where open-air events are hosted. You will choose and transport the right stones to fit the wall. On 24th August, the 10th edition of the Kric Festival ( will take place there and you will partly participate in preparation of the festival (e.g arranging benches etc.). Please note that preparing festival will take about 10 of working time, 90 will be working on the wall. Bring working clothes that can get dirty or damaged and solid working shs.Study part: Learning some traditional masonry. Learning about the history of the place, the history and the future of the brewery and the way beer used to be and is now produced here. Learning about traditional rural life from the local Museum of Daily Life run by Propolis. There is also a possibility to visit the Museum of Beer in Pilsen.
  • In the brewery building, in four rooms on mattresses or beds. There are toilets and showers in the building. Last two days you will sleep in a school on camping mats because the rooms in the brewery will be dedicated to the artists coming for the festival. Please bring your own sleeping bag and a camping mat. There is a pub with a garden which you can use for meet-ups. The hosting organisation will prepare all the meals. You will eat in the brewerys bistro. Vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food is unfortunately not possible to prepare.
  • The village of Chric (about 200 inhabitants) in the Western Bohemia. It is very isolated and the connection by public transport is poor. In the village, you can find a shop, a post office and a church. The locality is not very populated, but there is a beautiful countryside.Leisure time: In the afternoons after work or during the free days, you can visit one of the surrounding castles, a nature reserve or go swimming in a nearby river. You can borrow a car or a van from the hosting organization for trips. You can also play table tennis, football or foot volleyball.
  • Unfortunately, no vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet is possible.

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