• 24/05/2019
  • 03/06/2019
  • 20 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Serbia
  • NIS
  • Nis
  • Nis
  • 3M - 3F
  • 8
  • 30.00  (f)
  • 30.00 EUR
  • Participation fee: 30 EUR. The fees will be used as support to camp budget for obtaining food and materials for work.

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  • This workcamp is the first of several the local NGO “Grupa Kobra” is going to organize this year aiming to provide the conditions for their activities and further development in the future. This will build the basic for the future work in the youth centre “Kobraland” which is very important for the local community. The volunteers will renovate the house of the youth centre “Kobraland”, in order to become functional and sustainable. One long-term volunteer from France and local volunteers will contribute with their ideas and work. The local partner organization “Grupa Kobra” has put a lot of effort in the past years in developing and improving life conditions of its small community concerning its environmental protection and encouraging youth activism in this rural area. It is a group of 11 young people that got active since 2007, when they realized that if they do not do something for their village and for themselves, no one will. Although young, they received twice an award for their activities from the Ministry for Youth. It has been eight years that they organize international workcamps with the aim to familiarize the local young people with their peers from other countries as they do not have opportunities to travel. It is simply phenomenal, but during the workcamp, 100% of the local community (all 300 of them) get involved in one way or another, whether is for working with the volunteers, baking pies, organizing excursions, or simply hanging out or welcoming volunteers.
  • The work will be consisted of three parts where volunteers will: Manual: install the summer terrace and open kitchen outside, installation of a fence and construction of a stage in the open air. Agricultural/Environmental: plant the organic garden in the garden of the Kobraland and they will be cleaning the space inside the Kobraland. Artistic part: will paint out the front wall in the “Kobraland”, using their creativity and ideas.
  • The volunteers will be accommodated in a house inside the “Kobraland”, sleeping on mattresses and in sleeping bags (which are provided for the volunteers). The space has necessary facilities needed for the camp. Small kitchen and small bathroom with shower. Volunteers will cook for themselves in shifts from the material provided.
  • Donja Toponica is a small village 15 km away from the third biggest city in Serbia, Nis. There will be organized a visit to the historical sites in the city of Nis (the birth place of the Constantine the Great) and other interesting excursions.
  • It is expected from participants to be creative and team players and to be ready for manual and physical work.

Voluntary Service of Serbia (VSS) is a volunteer exchange service center founded in 1990 as one of the sectors of Young Researches of Serbia (YRS).

Today VSS is volunteer exchange reference point for this part of Europe, having most experience and the highest number of organised programmes and exchanged volunteers. In 2008 almost 600 volunteers from Serbia participated in international voluntary workcamps all around the world. In the last 18 years through VSS passed more then 4500 Serbian volunteers who went abroad and 2000 of foreign ones who came to more then 150 camps in Serbia.

VSS has been accredited as the sending and hosting organisation for the European Voluntary Service, one of the actions of Youth in Action programme of the European Commission. Since 2002 we have sent 15 long-term EVS volunteers abroad and 18 volunteers on other long-term projects (LTV/MTV programme, Long-Term and Medium-Term Volunteering). Since 2000 five volunteers did their EVS projects in our office (from France, Austria, Spain and Poland) and ten volunteers were there as well, but following different long-term projects (from Denmark, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Switzerland and France).


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