• 01/04/2018
  • 31/12/2018
  • 18 - 35
  • Permanent project

  • CULT
  • Spain
  • Alicante
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  • Volunteers are asked to give a deposit of 50,00 EUR to guarantee that they will stay for 4 weeks. Dates of start and finish can ge flexible when agreed in advance. Posibility to stay more time if both sides agree.

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  • Municipality of Altea. De Amicitia is successfully cooperating with them for many years. This Muicipallity is investing in volunteering and alternative policies in environment, tourism and participation.
  • We need a volunteer or two to support the Tourism Offcie in Altea displaying alternative proposals for visitors. There will be a lot of work to be done during the summer holidays managing the touristic information from a non permanent office located in the old town. Volunteers will work shoulder with shoulder with staff. During July there will be two workcamps on the same location, so there will be new people coming and will be nicer. Volunteers need to stay minimun 4 weeks, they are welcome to stay more time. Volunteers need to have some knowledge of Spanish, good English and other languages such as German, French, Russian, Dutch or Norwegian are welcome.There is a chance to stay more time in Altea if both sides agree. Volunteers are asked to give a deposit of 50,00 EUR to guarantee that they will stay at least 4 weeks.
  • Accommodation will be in a country summer house in Altea La Vella, 4 km away from the working place, so they will need to go by bike or car (provided by the organization). Volunteers will buy the food at a local CO-OP supermarket using coupons from the Town Hall and cook for themselves on a gas cooker. Volunteers will sleep on bunk beds. Please bring a summer sleeping bag. Weather will be fine as we are in a Mediterranean touristic spot.
  • Altea is a town and municipality located in the province of Alicante, Spain, north of Benidorm on the section of Mediterranean Coast called the Costa Blanca. Altea is a nice little town which offers amazing views. The town is located in the seaside and offers possibilities of riding bicycles, take a sunbath on the beach, climb the mountains, have a trip to the lighthouse and other activities during your free time. It is also possible to see other towns at the weekend. At present, the economy of Altea is based on tourism, which started to grow in the 1950s because of its good weather, beaches and the labyrinthine streets with whitewashed house-fronts that characterize the town.
  • Volunteers need to stay minimun 4 weeks but we would be happy to take them for more. Volunteers need to have some knowledge of Spanish, good English and other languages such as German, French, Russian, Dutch or Norwegian are welcome.Motivation and flexibility: able to live in basic conditions. Able to work in hard conditions, but also to enjoy the atmosphere. Preferably with a driving license.

De Amicitia is an Environmental non-profit non-governmental organisation inscribed in the Spanish National Associations Register since 1998. No.: 164471 Tax No.: G82128281. De Amicitia is located in Gargantilla del Lozoya, a small town 80Km. Away from Madrid in a rural area surrounded by mountains. We run courses and seminars aimed at managers, students or environmental NGOs on environmental law, conservation and volunteering. We also give legal advice on environmental issues primarily aimed at NGOs and other private or public organisations that want to protect the natural environment. De Amicitia complements its legal work with volunteer projects. We are a partner of network SCI international, especially active within YUWG working with less opportunities youngsters. We are active in a WWOOF network of organic farming, also. We take part in other European programs and foundations like Youth in Action (actions 1.1, 1.3, 3.1 and action 2 European Voluntary Service), Europe for citizens, Leonardo, Fondo Social Europeo, Galsina Leaderplus Program, BIJs, Amicus or European Youth Foundation. De Amicitia gives an opportunity to volunteers, youngsters and adults, to take part to local and international volunteering activities, aimed especially on environmental protection and sustainable development. Between these belong mainly International Workcamps or integration of less opportunities young people, but also local activities such as reforestations

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