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  • 21/08/2019
  • 04/09/2019
  • 18 - 30
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Turkey
  • 7M - 5F
  • 14
  • 30.00  (f)
  • There is no internet connection in Adrenalin Park, so the telephones are not functioning. However, the possibility of communication between volunteers and their parents will be provided.

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  • We are organizing this workcamp in cooperation with GErsu Municipality, Association of GErsu Bursa Sport Club. This year is the first time of our cooperation of Adrenaline Park. For more information about GErsu Municipality, please visit:
  • Volunteers will work in Adrenaline Park, 20 km to Gursu Centre during the workcamp. Adrenaline Park is located near by Ericek Lake. Many people come to pictic around the Adrenaline Park and Ericek Lake. Volunteers will clean the picnic area by waliking, riding bikes, and caning on Mondays.they will work in the repair, painting, renovation, and clean the perimeter of Adrenaline Park. Moreover, volunteers will arrange the site to build resting areas in the forest.
  • Volunteers will accommodate in cute bungalow houses of the Adrenalin Park on weekdays, and they will accommodate in tents on weekends. There will be possibility of shower, and bathroom every day. Meals will be prepared by the chefs of Bursa GErsu Municipality and will be sent to the working area every day as prepared.
  • Founded as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and shaped by social complexes (kElliye), the important commercial role of Bursa in history has been revealed by the big hans, bazaars and markets in the city. The Hans Region (Hanlar BElgesi) has been the heart of the city economy since the 14th century. An exceptional example of the early Ottoman city, Bursa s urbanization model was a model for the Ottoman-Turkish cities that were founded later. The economic relations of CumalA kA zA k Village and other foundation villages in the city center of Bursa with the hans and social complexes made an important contribution to the transformation of the Ottoman Empire into an empire with all its institutions. Known for a special kind of pear growing in its region and for its beautiful topography, GErsu district of Bursa city is a district where especially the people immigrating from the Balkans to Turkey live as a crowd density. You will meet very hospitable people as well as its historical and cultural beauties in this region with density of agricultural activities. The area located in Marmara Region is quite close to Bursa City Centre. Volunteers will have the chance to deal with sports such as cycling, caning, climbing, mountain hiking and shooting in Adrenalin Park. In their free time, volunteers will visit Bursa, museums, cultural and natural beauties of Bursa; and participate in workshops that the volunteers can benefit from socially.
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