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  • 21/07/2019
  • 03/08/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Spain
  • Manuel, Spain
  • 6M - 6F
  • 12
  • 30.00  (f)
  • 50.00 EUR
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  • Town hall of Manuel, small town 2300 inhabitants located 40 km away from Valencia. Since the last year this town hall is developing a policy of sustainable tourism which includes the recuperation of deprived environmental areas and cultural heritage together with a policy to support youngsters in order not to loose population. Maintenance of local cultural patrimony is also a primary goal of the actual policy in Manuel.
  • Volunteers will help restoring natural areas promoting work has an environmental character. In Manuel there is a river Albaida, which is natural habitat and where protected plants inhabit. Municipality is restoring the area together with At the same time, there are some invasive plants. The task of volunteers will be to differentiate those plants, control of the plant in biotope and clean the river from the invasive plants. The municipality will ask volunteers to do other types of manual work for the environment, depending on the necessities of the municipality in a certain moment. The group may work with people of the local area and maybe support a local festival of Lindy Hop. Tools and working boots will be available. One of the tasks could be to help on archaeological excavation site, depending on working permissions and how clean is river Algar at the moment when project is taking place.
  • Accommodation will be in a country house 1 km away from Altea La Vella, which is a small town 4 km away from Altea provided with mattresses and pillows. Volunteers will cook for themselves. The accommodation is basic.This project will include a one day only vegan food day agreed by volunteers for the promotion of environmental sustainable lifestyle.
  • Altea is a charming touristic town, located in the seaside. It offers possibilities of swim in the sea, take a sun bath on the beach, play beach volleyball and other activities in your free time. It is also possible to see another nearby towns on the weekend.
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De Amicitia is an Environmental non-profit non-governmental organisation inscribed in the Spanish National Associations Register since 1998. No.: 164471 Tax No.: G82128281. De Amicitia is located in Gargantilla del Lozoya, a small town 80Km. Away from Madrid in a rural area surrounded by mountains. We run courses and seminars aimed at managers, students or environmental NGOs on environmental law, conservation and volunteering. We also give legal advice on environmental issues primarily aimed at NGOs and other private or public organisations that want to protect the natural environment. De Amicitia complements its legal work with volunteer projects. We are a partner of network SCI international, especially active within YUWG working with less opportunities youngsters. We are active in a WWOOF network of organic farming, also. We take part in other European programs and foundations like Youth in Action (actions 1.1, 1.3, 3.1 and action 2 European Voluntary Service), Europe for citizens, Leonardo, Fondo Social Europeo, Galsina Leaderplus Program, BIJs, Amicus or European Youth Foundation. De Amicitia gives an opportunity to volunteers, youngsters and adults, to take part to local and international volunteering activities, aimed especially on environmental protection and sustainable development. Between these belong mainly International Workcamps or integration of less opportunities young people, but also local activities such as reforestations


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