Visualizza dettagli : NUMINOSUM FESTIVAL (FIYE908)

  • 29/08/2019
  • 10/09/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Poland
  • Czarci Chutor Kampinos
  • 4M - 4F
  • 8
  • 30.00  (f)
  • Project related motivation letter required. Good English is essential. You should be interested in traditional music dance for your own comfort, You dont necessarily need to know how to dance, but at least you should like the idea and want to learn ( this will be part of an adventure. Camp-building experience and technical skills will be a great asset. It is important to consider, that during the festival some work will take place during night hours, sometimes even as late as after 3 a.m.) ( this is another argument for the fact that you should enjoy this kind of event. Before writing an application letter you are asked to read about the festival on our facebook page or website.


  • Numinosum Festival 2019 is the sixth edition of the traditional music dance event in the heart of Kampinos Forest, 40 km from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. During 4 days of the festival, there will be more than 10 concerts, a dozen of workshops (singing, instrumental, dance), guided forest trips, family picnic and much more. The idea of the event is to promote Polish and European traditional dance and music (you will hear oberek and mazurek, kujawiak, polka, but also avant-deux, scottish, mazurka, chappeloise, bourree, circle circassien, rondeau etc.). We host people both from Poland and abroad. You can read more on the festival here:
  • a Before the event (built-up and preparation phase: signs, information point, making of the parking place, small wooden construction works, camping-style technical works, pitching tents, cleaning, decorating the festival venue); a During the festival (on-site help: information point, preparation and distribution of food, cleaning.); preparation of a short presentation about your country (preferably dance); a After the festival (cleaning, reconstructing the infrastructure).
  • Accommodation near the venue in a simple camping house or shared tent. Shower provided (probably only or mainly cold water). Toilet on site. Self-cooking on a military-style camping kitchen (all products are provided).
  • Stunning area, surrounded by one of the largest forests in Europe, very close to ielazowa Wola (birthplace of Frederic Chopin), in proximity of Warsaw (can be visited during the camp). The festival takes place in an authentic XIX c. wooden barn, in the Open Air Museum of the Kampinoski National Park. Accomodation place is situated in a reconstructed Old Slavonic Fort of Czarci Chutor (Devils Inn):
  • Project related motivation letter required.

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