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  • GENERAL AIMS- Value the cultural and ethnographic heritage of the parish of LousEpound; - Restore the fountains, community wash houses and irrigation tanks which are a cultural heritage in several villages of the parish;- Raise awareness among participants and the local community of the importance of preserving the historical and cultural identity of regions, particularly through architectural heritage;- Promote the historical and cultural heritage of the region;- Value volunteering as a tool for local development (whether on the cultural, environmental or touristical level)- Promote cultural exchange among young people from different countries around the world;- Promote intercultural exchange between the young participants and the local community.
  • - Cleaning fountains, community wash houses and irrigation tanks as well as its surrounding spaces;- Painting and restoring the fountains and community wash houses;- Cleaning the surrounding area of public spaces used by the community (sports court, former primary school building); - Shoping for groceries, cooking and cleaning the place where the group will cook and eat.Note: The participants will work outdoors for 6 hours a day, with the support of other tecnicians whenever necessary
  • Participants will be lodged in accommodation in the former primary school building in Levegadas (4Km from the center of LousEpound).There is a kitchen where the group can cook and eat, 2 big rooms with mattresses to spend the night (sleeping bags are needed), as well as toilets and showers. The camp includes 5 meals: breakfast; morning coffee break; lunch; afternoon coffee break, dinner and evening coffee break. Meals will be prepared by the participants in small cooking teams with the support of a camp leader
  • The workcamp will take place in several villages of LousEpound, a town surrounded by moutains, natural and cultural heritage, located 30Km from Coimbra. Here is a glimpse of what you can find in LousEpound, as well as the fountains and treasures to recover
  • Workcamps are run according to the principles of communal living, group decision making, equal participation and collective problem solving. The quality of the workcamp depends very much on your input, ideas and initiative The most important is that you are flexible and act in a friendly and responsible way.- Do not use drugs, Do not drink alcohol during activities, be motivated, bring ideas

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