• 13/07/2018
  • 30/07/2018
  • 18 - 30
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • Denmark
  • Nearest train station: Gilleleje StationFrom Copen
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  • 10
  • 30.00  (f)
  • Please forward a motivational letter, and let us know if you have specific talents and experiences that will be useful for a Summer Camp. It is not a requirement but it will be an advantage if you have experiences leading or conducting sport or cultural activities.Please bring cloth for both practical work, outdoor activities and sport and bring your bathing cloth and rain clothing. Check the weather forecast before you leave, the Danish summer is unpredictable:-).English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or having troubles with the English language. Try your bestAnd be also prepared to use your body language. The asylum seekers have different languages and some might speak a little English. You can prepare to limit the instructions as much as possible and draw or show your attention. The asylum seekers will also help each other to understand.

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  • The workcamp is hosted in a cooperation between the Danish Red Cross, Center Gribskov and the music festival in Gilleleje. The Danish Red Cross, Center Gribskov is a center that receive minors fleeing without their parents. Most of the kids are between 15 and 17 years old from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Gambia, Syria etc. There will be up to 50 children at the center. Center Gribskov has 28 employees and more than 50 volunteers.Red Cross works to ensure that asylum seekers in Denmark have a safe, meaningful and dignified life, while waiting for a clarification of their case. Red Cross supports asylum seekers to maintain and develop a perspective for the future, whether they will stay or be refused asylum. Get a feeling of the life in the Asylum Center at the webpage for Center Gribskov or the facebook page for the volunteer coordinator Gillelej
  • You will give the young refugees a break from the life with worries and insecurity and arrange a Summer Camp with different activities. You will use the talent in the group to make different workshops. It might be New Circus, dancing, singing and drumming, juggling and parading, practice to walk on stilts or making costumes. You can put together a small parade to perform it at the Festival of Gilleleje or the Pop Up Concerts before the festival.You can also arrange sport activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, rolerscating, games or bike rides.Evening might call for a campfire, marshmellows, guitar and pancakes.The summer camp will depend on the talents in the group. If you have special skills for the Summer Camp please let us know ahead of time. The Center is in the middle of a nature preserve with old forest and good opportunities to use the nature. There are facilities for soccer, volleyball, basketball and a gym for dancing and fitness center for workout. The Center will
  • Sleeping facilities:All participants vill be accomodated at aeurooeUngdomshuset Remisenaeuro which is a house for young people between 15 to 21 years old in Gilleleje. Remisen is located in the center of Gilleleje and just next to the station of Gilleleje. Here you can both sleep, cook, chill out or play pool or table tennis. It has great facilities if you like to play music and different kind of instruments are available in the house as well as a container where you can play as load as you want:-). In the daytime Remisen will also be open for the young people from Gilleleje and it gives you great opportunities to get to know some of the young locals. But not so many uses the house of the vacationtime. We will provide matresses, but you will have to bring your own sleeping bag, sheet and pillow.To get a feeling of the house see the pictures following the description.Kitchen bathroom facilities: Both kitchen and bathroom facilities are available as well as a washing machine. There is
  • Nature PreserveThe center for refugee children is located in a forest and surrounded by beautiful nature. It invites you to do different activities either with the children at the center or just with the workcamp group in your free time ex tracking, birdwatching, making a campfire or stay over for a night in one of the shelters. Beach and small town lifeThe Gilleleje Festival is situated in a cosy town along the cost with a great culture and history. In the summer time the city attracts many tourists or summer guests and offers a lot of different activities. The town has a lot of small shops, cafEes, cinema, music places, a nice fisherman harbor and of cause beautiful beaches, so there are many things to enjoy during your stay.Copenhagen City CenterYou can reach Copenhagen with the train within 45 minutes.
  • Working with children requires that you provide a criminal record when registering.A motivational letter is required. Please write if you have special talents or experiences that will be useful for a Summer Camp. It is an advantage if you have a creative talent it can be dance, music, painting etc.

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