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  • A lot of tasks include using tools, so ability to use them properly will be a big advantage and if not then we are going to teach you everything you want to know. Also, creativity and manual skills will be highly valued, mainly because of making decorations, but also that we are going to encourage you to come up with new ideas for the festival. Keep in mind that you need to be prepared for hard work and possibly getting dirty from time to time, so be sure to grab some old clothes that you could toss after the workcamp.


  • Boski Fest is a four-day event filled with concerts, workshops, discussions but most of all open minded and hearted people. It is not only a festival, but more of a gathering which attracts people that want to share their good energy with the world. BRWI Foundation that is responsible for making this happen is a group of old friends who gathered many years ago to organize this event which evolved from a simple birthday party and take nothing but satisfaction from spreading the positive vibe in return. The entire project is entirely non-profit. The money required to organize the festival comes mainly from the city hall and crowdfunding campaign where donations are being rewarded with an entry. Almost every construction at the festival is made from recycled materials. One man s trash is another man s building material The festival is open for everyone who want to share their time in peaceful environment with positive people around and that includes children and elderly people, for whom the entrance is and will always be free of charge ((10 and 60().
  • The work will be divided into 3 parts:The first part will be helping in preparations of the festival at the construction site, building and organizing the infrastructure (info point, canteen, eateries, workshop spaces and so on). We will also put some work in cleaning up (cutting grass, picking thrash) and decorating the festival area. If we have enough time, we will also help the local community at their bungalows situated nearby with some minor garden works or house repairs together with some polish volunteers which can be a great way of cultural exchange. We ll be more than happy to meet new, creative and open-minded people and we are going to encourage volunteers to come up with their own ideas to improve the festival.Second part is to help during the festival. This will include shifts at the bar, info point or kitchen, keeping the general tidiness at the festival area or solving technical or any other issues that might occur during the event. We are going to divide all volunteers into three mixed groups, so during the festival each group will have one morning, one afternoon and one evening off duty so they can also enjoy the festival and participate in interesting activities.The last part is to clean up the festival area, that includes dismantling the constructions, taking down the decorations and picking up the trash
  • The volunteers will get a place to sleep in one of the few summer houses at the festival area for the whole duration of the workcamp. There will be beds, sheets and blankets available, although we advise you to take your own sleeping bags with you. Every house has a tap with a sink, but there are two common toilets with showers for both men and women and they are situated in the central area of the resort.There will be also plenty of designated camping space only for volunteers if anyone is willing to put a tent.There are going to be volunteers that are going to prepare hot meals for everyone from the provided ingredients. Please keep in mind that only VEGETARIAN food is available Since everyone will have access to the kitchen you will be able to grab a snack during the day, prepare yourself a breakfast in the morning or a dinner in the evening. During the preparation time the kitchen is going to be open in the very morning and closed at night.
  • The festival is taking place at camping resort "Na Szlaku Brdy", situated at the outskirts of one of the biggest cities in central Poland - Bydgoszcz, about 10km from the centre of the city (you can get there by public transport from the city centre, the bus stop is 10-15 minutes by walk from the festival area)The name of the resort is connected with the name of the biggest river that flow through Bydgoszcz - Brda, which is also flowing right next to the festival area. All of that surrounded by the beautiful forests, which makes the place a perfect spot to have some rest from urban life.Of course, it s not only about work. In your spare time you can go for a walk in the woods, hang out with your new friends around the campfire, take part in workshops or even rent a kayak. We will also take a bus to Bydgoszcz which is going to take us directly to the city center to take a walk around the city, which is quite known from having a lot of historic buildings in the area of the Old Town and is called Polish Amsterdam because of the canals around the centre of the city.
  • Please send us a short motivation letter with a few words about yourself also telling us why are you interested in our workcamp and what skill set can you provide.

FIYE is a vibrant Polish non-governmental and non-profit organisation. Ever since it was established in 1989, FIYE has been active in the field of voluntary service and particularly committed to international youth exchange programmes. Throughout the years, FIYE has developed and successfully carried out a considerable number of volunteer projects with special regard to short-term summer projects (workcamps) and long-term programmes lasting 6-12 months. FIYE considers voluntary service programmes as a unique and excellent form of maintaining international contacts, fostering youth exchange, enabling participants to fight cross-cultural barriers, and developing bonds of long-lasting friendships. Furthermore, FIYE aims at popularising the currently vital concepts of mutual help, solidarity, peace and civic awareness. Volunteers participating in FIYE's projects always emphasise the fact that due to their "Polish experience," they have grown more responsible, open-minded and above all, have managed to stand up to a challenge, test themselves in demanding conditions and initiate a cross-cultural dialogue, which they consider rewarding and valuable in today's world.


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