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  • 22/07/2019
  • 04/08/2019
  • 18 - 30
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • ENVI
  • Lithuania
  • Panevezys, Kaunas
  • Vilnius
  • - 2F
  • 8
  • 30.00  (f)
  • 45.00 EUR
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  • Krekenava Regional Park was established at 1992 to protect one of the main nature treasures in Central Lithuania lowland - the Valley of Nevė˛is River, its oxbow lakes and meadows. Only this regional park in Lithuania can offer a unique opportunity to watch free-ranging herds of European bison. Forests around Krekenava Regional Park are rich in biodiversity typical for deciduous forests. There are few swamps in the territory of the park that required regular nature management work. There are many objects of cultural heritage: former manors, the museum of Lithuanian book smugglers and unique crosses carved by cross-crafter V.Svirkis.
  • VOLUNTEERS TASKS: • maintenance of natural and cultural heritage sites; • nature management work: clearance of woody plants from meadows and wetlands; • litter picking along the Nevė˛is river; • assistance with everyday maintenance tasks; • work/communication with local residents.
  • Volunteers will be accommodated in the visitors’ centre of Krekenava Regional Park. Living conditions: Showers, toilets, a stove, a fridge, a microwave, a kettle will be provided. Sleeping place will be provided. Option one: the conference hall (one common room of 70 square meters), sleeping on the floor or mattresses. Option two: mattresses and beds in separate rooms. Please bring your sleeping bag or bed-clothes. Food: Volunteers will cook for themselves. There are shops in the Krekenava where volunteers can buy groceries.
  • Volunteers can arrange their free time independently. You will be able to take cognitive paths, visit sites of natural and cultural heritage. There is an opportunity to rent canoes to go down a river. There are a lot of camping sites around the area. Volunteers can attend public events around Krekenava. LOCATION: Krekenava town is 30 km to the south from the 5th largest city of Lithuania - Panevė˛ys. There are 1600 residents in Krekenava. There are a library, a post office, the centre of culture, a clinic, a school, the visitors‘centre of Krekenava Regional Park, and few shops.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bags, long-sleeved clothes, trousers, hats, raincoats, waterproof boots, mosquito repellent, swimming clothes. Do not forget things to make the group life more fun (music, games, treats and etc.), media with your country presentation, traditional recipes (take care of specific spices and ingredient).

CYVA Deineta is an independent non-political voluntary service organization established in 1988. Deineta is coordinating, sending and hosting organization of EVS projects and short term summer work camps. The aims of the organization are: to promote international co-operation and understanding among young people from different countries and different cultures; to help young people realize their voluntary ideas; to provide opportunities for young people without distinction to race, language, religion or social status, who wish to acquire cross cultural skills and gain international experience for their personal and professional development.


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