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  • 05/08/2019
  • 18/08/2019
  • 18 - 30
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Serbia
  • BOR
  • Bor
  • Belgrade (Beograd)
  • Full Full
  • 13
  • 30.00  (f)
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  • Young Researchers of Bor is a non–governmental organization founded in 1976, which gathers youth interested in volunteering, scientific and research work in the natural and social sciences, ecology and protection of the environment. It used to be a branch of YRS-VSS. and
  • The volunteers will work on the renovation and marking of European hiking trail E4 and local touristic trails on the mountains Stol and Veliki Krs, they will renovate a little pond mountain picnic place using sand paper, paint and hand tools for work. Two working days the volunteers will spend in the village of KRIVELJ, where they will work together with the locals on renovation and cleaning of the village. Volunteers will participate in the celebration of the International Youth Day (August 12th) in Bor, International day of the miners (August 6th) and The Day of Brestovacka Banja (17th August). Different visits and excursions will be organized to the local sights, monuments and museums. In the case of bad weather suitable indoor activities will be organized.
  • The volunteers will be accommodated in the mountain hut Stol, 16 km from Bor. Hut has a dining room, a kitchen, toilets and showers. Meals will be provided by the organizers during the workcamp. If someone would like to bring their own tent, there is a suitable place for it. Volunteers will prepare the food themselves with the groceries provided by the organizer. On the arrival day, the first meal provided will be dinner.
  • MORIEK– Some like it hot will take place on the mountains Stol and Big Krs and a village Krivelj. Stol and Veliki Krs are mountain chains situated 10-15km from the town Bor. European hiking trail E4 is passing through these mountains and it is the main source for developing rural and mountain ecological tourism in this area. There is a small lake that is perfect for swimming in the summer. The village Krivelj is situated 5km from Bor, on the mountainside of Veliki Krs. Krivelj is known for its rich cultural-artistic tradition, well preserved folk customs and traditions (festivities, fairs, celebrations…). There are many historical monuments nearby.
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Young Researchers of Serbia - Voluntary Service of Serbia (YRS-VSS) is a non-profit, non-political NGO officially established in 1976 as a network of organizations, societies, clubs and sections with research programmes, gathered around the coordinative office on the national level in Belgrade. Through its history the number of members changed, but there were over 50 different organizations taking part. In the 90’s YRS-VSS leaves the organizational form of vertical relationships following the current direction of civil sector development. Today YRS-VSS represents the organization on the national level and it unites three thematically different but interconnected sectors – Environmental Protection and Conservation Sector, Youth Sector and Voluntary Service of Serbia. Young Researchers of Serbia - Voluntary Service of Serbia involves mostly young people aged 15-30, but there is no upper age limit. We have developed in delivering good preparation and follow up of young people with fewer opportunities. THINK BIG - do little: start an avalanche! is our motto. Our vision is to be the driving force for all those whose aim is to make our planet a more peaceful, just and healthy place. Driven by science and education, our mission is to contribute: - to environmental protection and nature conservation, - to development of voluntarism and its values, - to scientific creativity and active participation of the youth. Our main aims are environmental protection, environmental education, youth exchange and work with young people, as well as the promotion of sustainable development, scientific creativity and volunteerism. We have organized hundreds of research projects and educative programmes for young people in various areas of natural and social sciences. INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE We usually send approx. 400-500 volunteers from Serbia abroad and host over 400 foreign volunteers to 35+ workcamps each year. Since 2015 our work on international volunteers exchange is supported by the Ministry for youth and sports of the Republic of Serbia. MEMBERSHIP IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS YRS-VSS is a member of: Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, CCIVS – Coordinative Committee of International Voluntary Service, YEE – Youth and Environment Europe, ANPED – Northern Alliance for Sustainability, CEEWEB – Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity, and a partner of the network SCI in Serbia. YRS-VSS is one of the founding members of SEEYN – South East European Youth Network. IN THE ALLIANCE We are full members of the Alliance since 2005 and in the IVS movement since 1980’s. Our main contribution to the network has been in delegating representatives to the Executive Committee (Jelena Ristic Beronja, Vice President of the Alliance 2010-2016, senior trainer in the Pool of Trainers since 2014) and Management Committees (Bojan Beronja as SDWG coordinator 2012 – 2014 and again in 2016 – 2017) and hosting EC meetings, the first Joint Meeting in 2012, Alliance Capacity Building Training in 2014, Alliance General Conference and General Assembly 2016.


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