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  • 27/09/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • RENO
  • France
  • Andorra La Vella
  • 3M - 3F
  • 14
  • 30.00  (f)
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  • You will participate in an international volunteer workcamp organized by the association Concordia, in the heart of the valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror, near Andorra La Vella, in Andorra. This year, the direction of the valley wishes to restore a dry stoned wall which has collapsed due to heavy rain, with the help of international volunteers. This workcamp will take place in beautiful surroundings in one of Europes smallest nations Andorra, located just between Spain and France. Andorra La Vella, situated at the heart of the valley, is the highest capital city in Europe and was also classified as a UNESCO world heritage. The town with its characteristic old stone buildings and streets offers an interesting historic past, lovely old buildings, all combined with a great view of the Pyrenees and its amazing nature.
  • You will be working on a dry stoned wall in a beautiful setting and help rebuild the wall that was unfortunately damaged by heavy rains. There will be several tasks awaiting you. You will first have to prepare the site by sorting the collapsed stones and cleaning the area. Then, guided by our technical leader, you will be taught how to restore the wall in a responsible way, using natural materials of high quality, in the continuity of the existing wall. In order to complete this project you will be working between 25 and 30 hours per week.
  • The weekends (3 nights from Friday evening until Monday morning) you will be accommodated in tents on a camping site near Andorra-la-Vella with access to sanitary facilities, showers and a kitchen. On the other days, during the week, you will be accommodated in tents at the heart of the valley (1 hour walk to access it) so there will be no I) solid Ii sanitary facilities, no electricity and no running water. In turns you will participate in the preparation of meals and the management of the daily life (organization of schedules, households, races, etc.). We will encourage as much as possible the purchase of local and seasonal products. On the weekend you will go back down to a small village and be hosted in a campsite.
  • Andorra La Vella is a gorgeous little town in Andorra, a great and interesting nation, influenced by both Spanish and French culture. Due to its location in the Pyrenees Mountains it counts with lots of beautiful valleys, lakes and streams that can be discovered during your free time. The Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley is a Pyrenean glacial valley located in the south-east of the Principality of Andorra and is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the country. Andorra offers historic sites, a diverse culture and numerous amazing landscapes for you to enjoy For Lovers of nature and outdoor activities, this workcamp is perfect for you
  • Remember to bring clothes and shs for work (including in case of bring a warm down and a good mattress (sleeping in a tent), the nights are sometimes cool and wet. If you wish, you can bring your own tent. Dont forget a bathing suit in case of swimming. Do not hesitate to bring specialties, photos, games, musical instruments, etc from home.

Concordia is a French national non-governmental and non-profit making organisation, founded in 1950 by English, German and French youngsters. Their aim was to enhance the values of tolerance and peace after the 2nd world war by organising international workcamps of young volunteers. The main objectives of Concordia are the following: Education i-e helping young people to grow up by acquisition of collective life. Culture i-e favouring the youth exchanges on an international level, always emphasizing the values of peace, friendship and mutual respect. Social i-e taking part in concrete actions of solidarity, as well as supporting a civic attitude Social economy i-e contributing to realisation of local development, in favour of the environment, patrimony, tourism and socio-educational animation. Workcamps are a perfect tool to reach these goals: Participating in a workcamp means working voluntarily during three weeks at a project of a common utility, such as environment, archaeology, culture, patrimony. It is a form of informal education, but also an opportunity to discover a new region and its inhabitants. The participants get to know the real life of a small community, as well as the culture and customs of other volunteers, who come from all around the world. Every year Concordia gives the opportunity to more than 1000 French youths to get involved in its partner projects abroad and hosts around 1200 foreign volunteers on its own workcamps in France. Concordia is a member of: Three major international networks which support voluntary service: The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations which is a network of 30 national organisations in 20 countries and CCIVS (Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) which is an organisation founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1948 and coordinates about 300 organisations worldwide. - The National Association COTRAVAUX (Co-ordination of French Voluntary Work organisations). - AVSO (Association of Voluntary Service Association) a European network with the goal of improving European voluntary service. The other activities of the association continue throughout the year with weekend or short holiday workcamps, mid and long term voluntary service, integration of people with difficulties, study and activity groups (North-South, International), sending and hosting volunteers of European Voluntary Service. Concordia also organises various trainings throughout the year. Those who wish to be even more involved in Concordia’s activities can be elected at the management committee; Concordia is a democratic organisation, led by dynamic and motivated volunteers as well as young people, and supported by paid staff. Today the management committee counts 15 members, there are 1800 subscribers, 25 employees and 200 activity leaders. The Paris head office supports the eight regional offices activities i-e the Alps, Auvergne, Aquitaine, Normandy, Picardy, South-Southwest, Ile-de-France et Breatagne. Concordia has the approval of the French Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of the Environment.


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