• 12/02/2019
  • 21/02/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • ENVI
  • Estonia
  • Virtsu
  • Tallinn
  • 2Male - 1Female
  • 10
  • 30.00  (f)
  • 120.00 EUR


  • Kodade Cottage and Matsalu Creative Space are social enterprise initiatives aiming to sustain cultural and environmental heritage and provide a rich variety of active nature tourism services in the setting of unique wild nature of Matsalu National Park. Another aim is to provide work opportunities for people living in rural areas. We have created a unique environment for creativity camps, study camps and various types of events. We support sustainable living and align our activities with Matsalu National Park value system. Matsalu National Park was established to protect migratory birds and it is one of the most important protection areas of nesting and stop-over of coastal birds in Europe. In addition to bird protection Matsalu protects specific semi-natural habitats (coastal meadows and broods; woody meadows; reed bed and small islands) as well as the cultural heritage of the Vδinameri sea. See more on More information about Kodade Farm is on site
  • Generally we offer a wide range of activities to our volunteers – mostly in the field of maintenance and development of the visitor site and the territory but also related to nature conservation in the surrounding area. However in winter time it will be mainly laying paths in the forest, cutting bushes, preparing and loading woods for heating and some painting jobs indoors. Hosts will supervise the work, which will be around 4-5 hours a day depending on weather conditions. Most of these activities will take place outdoors, but we will take weather conditions into account.
  • Accommodation is very good - at Kodade holiday cottage We also provide bed linen and towels. There is a kitchen with all necessary equipment for cooking and the use of sauna. Food will be provided from local farms nearby. Volunteers will be served food cooked by locals for lunches during the week days otherwise it has to be cooked by the volunteers.
  • Location Kodade Creative Space is located in Salevere Kula, Hanila parish, Parnumaa county. Salevere is situated in the western part of Estonia, approximately 140km from Tallinn. More information available on the following websites; LEISURE TIME There are a lot of picturesque natural and interesting historical sites in the area. It is possible to visit other parts of Laanemaa and Parnumaa and towns of Haapsalu and Parnu (;, visit Hanila muuseum, visit town of Lihula with its muuseum and castle ruins There are plenty of possibilities for nature walks in winter landscape. Nearby there are two stables providing horseback riding ( and In addition to manual work there will be many learning opportunities. In this camp you will have a chance to learn Estonian traditions, culture and handicrafts as there will be a possibility to try some handicraft techniques (ceramic, silk-painting, felt-making) and make your own as we can organise handicrafts workshops (silk-painting, ceramic), visit pottery This camp is perfect for people who enjoy being close to the nature and are interested in traditional way of rural living, who are curious and willing to use their creativity and share your ideas in the proces
  • Special requirements You have to be open-minded, creative and ready to adapt to a simple conditions of the common life in the countryside of Estonia. Please consider that the work is mainly physical, can be hard or sometimes repetitive. And do not forget that this is a WINTER camp where temperature can go below -20C some nights. So please do bring good warm clothes and shoes with you! PARTICIPATION FEE Due to lack of communal resources for this camp we ask participants to contribute 120 Euro towards costs of accommodation, food, camp program and general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for another solution.

International Youth Association EstYES is non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization which was established in 1991 with the purpose to promote youth and cultural exchanges for better understanding and just world. It is a pioneer organization in the field of international voluntary service in Estonia.

Our objectives
• to increase international understanding and solidarity between countries and people;
• to promote continues dialogue between young people all over the world;
• to enable young people by living and working together to learn from each other, discover the variety of cultures, broaden horizons thus building bridges over differences;
• to promote international voluntary service in Estonia as a tool for local development;
• to help solution of actual problems in Estonia by means of international voluntary service.

Our activities
• organize voluntary camps in Estonia and send Estonian volunteers abroad;
• send Estonian volunteers to mid- and long-term voluntary services abroad;
• host volunteers from abroad on mid- and long-term projects in Estonia;
• participate in EVS program as sending, hosting and coordinating organization;
• organize and run youth cultural exchanges of different kinds, study visits with various themes for youth foreign groups in Estonia and for Estonians abroad;
• take part in conferences, seminars, training abroad and organise those in Estonia.

Target groups EstYES works with
EstYES works mainly with young people 15 – 30, but not only. Actually EstYES voluntary projects are open to people of all ages without limits. Still the majority of them are high school or university students. Young people with fewer opportunities are the group of special consideration of EstYES.

Our partners
From 1994 we have exchanges with branches of SCI (Service Civil International) and from 1995 - with members of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, YAP (Youth Action for Peace) and their partner organizations. In 1998 we established cooperation with ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange). In October 1997 EstYES became a member of Alliance. Currently EstYES carries out a task of the General Secretary of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations. In 2007 EstYES became a member of Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) by UNESCO.

Sources of income
EstYES income is mainly consists of contributions and subscription fees from the participants of our programs. EstYES also receives grants for the projects from foundations like ASEF, Youth in Action Programme, European Youth Foundation, etc. EstYES does not receive any support from the state.

Contact Organisation

  • Address

    Via Mico Geraci 35

    90125 PALERMO


  • Phone

    Local: +39.3939629434

    Mobile: +39.3478289552