• 10/07/2019
  • 24/07/2019
  • 18 - 30
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • Spain
  • Huerrios
  • Full Full
  • 10
  • 100.00  (f)
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  • ITHEC is an entity created in 1991 in Huesca that aims to encourage the participation of the population in activities connected with the performing arts.From our beginnings in ITHEC we worked developing theater and dance workshops, promoting courses related to theater. We also organize shows and festivals of theater and dance for young people and neighborhoods for teenagers in which they learn basic aspects of the performing arts.In ITHEC we believe that the scenic activities are a useful tool to promote social inclusion, that is why we develop programs aimed at the disabled, young people with fewer resources, people at risk of exclusion.
  • This work camp will take place in Huesca, a small town (50,000 inhabitants) near the Pyrenees Mountains. The History of Huesca has a vast legacy of legends and tales. The aim of this work camp is spreading this legacy for tourism development through performing arts. So, participants will create and perform street theatre plays. At the end of the work camp we will play our show to the audience.The work camp is divided into two parts:Part 1, Study and knowledge of the legends and tales of the city of Huesca during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We will make this work by visiting archives, museums, historical buildings in which the events took place.Part 2, Creation, design and implementation of dramatized touristic routes. Volunteers will write scripts, design props, choose costumes... Everyone will have a role in the play. The play will be held in Spanish, but do not worry if you do not know a word, it is no necessary. We will rehearse the show to be presented to the audience. Participants will be accompanied by History and Drama experts during the whole process.
  • Accommodation will be held in shared rooms with beds at the Students Residence Santo Domingo in Huesca which is located in the central district. The residence has common areas and dining room with TV. The residence also offers free WiFi access. Participants may help in the general cleaning of common areas.Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be normally served at the residence. The meals are home made by the residence cook. If you have any allergy or food intolerance please let us know to warn the cook in advance. Some days if we are in a journey or if we have a very tight scheduled we can have a package lunch with sandwich and some fruit.
  • Huesca, 52,000 inhabitants, is located at the feet of the Pyrenees Range, whose foothills stand majestic north of the city, constituting element characteristic landscape of Huesca. Huesca is the perfect base to do many outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, BTT...Huesca is a town of legends and history. Has a rich ancient past with more than 2.000 years of History, Here we can find remains of the Roman times. The town has a hospitable face reflecting the friendly character of its people. Its urban settings and its short distances let visitors enjoy its streets, parks, squares and its historic pedestrian center, which include important monuments. Huesca is also known in Spain because of its International Cinema and Drama Festivals and because of its countless green leisure spaces.Weather: In July is summer in Huesca what means it can be very hot (more than 30 degrees in the afternoon). Its normally sunny but sometimes during the evening thunder storms and showers can happen. Huesca is a small town but held important services as hospital and health centres, University, International Artistic Events, Sport Teams.We will visit museums, archives and monuments and we will prepare group games to know each other, journeys to the surrounding villages and countryside, Gymkhanas, Photo rally, multicultural dinners, swimming pool.
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SVI is the Spanish association which represents the Spanish workcamps managed by the Autonomous Regions (except those in Catalonia). We are under the Institute of Youth (Injuve).

Injuve, an Autonomous Department of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, has, for some years now, been promoting specific programmes which are aimed at increasing and favouring different travel possibilities for young people. This enables those under 30 years of age to become aware of other realities, visit other places and have access to other cultures.

Included among these programmes is one known as International Voluntary Service (SVI), which deals only with workcamps. These are aimed at youth between 18 and 26 years old and their main objectives are:

- To encourage conduct that will favour the exchange of ideas and young people’s global development. This is achieved by volunteering and from the contributions made by youth from their own experience. This strengthens intercultural learning processes, personal development and the reinforcement of democratic values.

- To integrate experiences, personal knowledge and the global development of youth in the carrying out of an activity, within the framework of voluntary service.
The Youth Institute co-ordinates the exchange of places for young Spaniards wanting to volunteer in foreign workcamps and foreigners wanting to volunteer in Spanish workcamps. The Spanish workcamps are managed by the Autonomous Regions.

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