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  • 250.00 EUR
  • Participation fee for this project is aO250 (EURO) or equivalent Tanzanian shillings. This fee is different from the amount paid to the sponsoring/sending organisation during your application process. Volunteer is required to transfer the participation fee to UVIKIUTA Bank account at least seven working days before the project start. Send by e-mail the receipt confirming that you have paid the full amount to our Bank account. On arrival you will receive an official receipt. Bank Information will be provided on the information sheet. Note: Information sheet will be provided at least four weeks before the starting date of this project.

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  • Tanzania has a rich history of amazing, strong women who believed that they could make a positive change in the society. There are many good examples during the National independence struggle and after the independence. Women are well known on how powerful they can use their voices to speak up for others, whether it s advocating for their child in school, speaking up and ensuring quality care for sick family member, or just being a voice of encouragement and inspiration for others. This project is organised to recognized the role of women in the society by encouraging young women to take steps towards learning through stories of champion women to increase their ability speak up, speak out and take an active role in transforming their own communities. The project mail goal is to encourage young women that everyone has a voice and they have choice whether or not to use it to build a strong community.
  • A number of activities will be organized to realize objectives stated above. This will include:-aeuroImprovement of girls learning facility through class rooms painting and provision of garbage bins in the classroomsaeuroSocial and cultural events (Young womenaeurosaeuro sports, Music, arts and exhibitionsaeuroMeeting women in actions in various sectors of the society (Social, Political and economic)aeuroSymposium involving young women in the communityaeuroStorytelling and story sharing by local young women, volunteers and inspiring women in the community on various areas like social, political and economicaeuroEducational tours to various organizations working on women issues
  • Accommodation: At the Local Youth hostel. Electricity and clean water will be available. The rooms are comfortable enough and you will share with other 2-3 volunteers. No mix of men and women, uncles for couples and it should be requested during the application.Food: Three meals will be provided at the Youth hostel dining. Kitchen staff will be available to prepare the meals with help of the volunteers. Vegetarian meals will be available.
  • Location: The project will take place in Chamazi; it is the community in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. Chamazi is one of those communities which are now developing to become urban center. However still enjoys its natural landscape where you can view some remained wild animals like monkeys, bush babies, rabbits and a good variety of birds. The community is located 30km south of Dar es Salaam city center. Leisure activities: Geographically this part of the country offer variety of good options to visit including; Wild life safari (Mikumi National Park or Selous game reserve, Overnight in Bagamoyo (Swimming, historical sites seen and cultural tours).
  • Potential volunteers for this project shall be:-Open minded; Flexible; Easy to adapt to other cultures; Interest on gender and gender issues, Interested in outdoor activities; and working under less supervision.

UVIKIUTA is a Youth development organization established in the year 1983. The organization came to its existence a respond to the challenges facing today�s� young people socially and economically. UVIKIUTA is working towards improving the living standards of the youths by facilitating them to be self employed, having permanent shelters, getting income, improving education and skill so as to be self reliance. UVIKIUTA activities are categorized under income generation, Eco village development and Development education. More details about these programs can found in the UVIKIUTA main website. International Volunteer Projects: For the last fifteen years UVIKIUTA has been involved in these projects which have been very famous as International workcamps, Medium and long term volunteer programs and community services. International volunteer projects are activities which involves individuals and groups of people who volunteer and live together on a project which has been identified by a local community or a project working with that community. This is a personal-building experience, a journey not only through the geography of our planet, but also a Journey through the several cultures of our world, a self-discovering journey. The program aim at bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, promoting through practical actions, mutual understanding and lasting peace. International volunteers� projects are a practical tool to demonstrate that living, working together and sharing knowledge is not only possible but rewarding. In the International Volunteer projects we see the possibility of people to exchange experiences, learn more about other social, cultural, political and living conditions. Program Philosophy: International volunteer projects seek to provide an experience that connects service, culture, professional and personal growth. While the service we offer does improve the quality of life for others, it is equally important as a time to reflect on our own lives. The significance of what we do is more than social charity; it is an encounter with real people in the real world. Projects go beyond the familiar road of commercial society, taking us outside of our comforts so that we can spend our time in someone else's shoes. By working with people in various cultures, we learn to recognize the world we all share. We realize that our lives are interconnected and that our stories have common threads. We hope that by serving others you will discover you and better understand your own values and responsibilities as global citizen. What to Expect in International volunteer Projects: Volunteer projects are organized in very simple but comfortable enough. While most projects are not extreme difficult, positive attitudes, flexibility, and openness to new experiences are essential for every volunteer. The groups who have the best time at the projects are those who can most successfully adapt to their surroundings. Although the projects and living conditions are different for each project, they all share some basic universals. You can expect to eat, to sleep, to shower, do useful things in the community through volunteering, to play, and most importantly, to have fun! At the project you'll get to meet and volunteer with lots of people from the community and from all over the world and cultivate friendships that last much longer than just the time you will be there. Website: (Under construction)

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