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  • 05/07/2019
  • 19/07/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Austria
  • Eschenau, Lower Austria
  • Full Full
  • 4
  • 30.00  (f)
  • 30.00 EUR
  • Insurance: During the international camp we will only have insurance for accidents. Nevertheless, you need a full insurance (medical) for your travel and the time in Austria; dont forget to arrange your insurance prior to your departure Things to bring: Working clothes, working shs, raincoat, swimming suit, sun protection. If you require any medications (e.g. because of an allergy), dont forget to bring them with you. Please bring songs and children fairies from your country as well as some ideas for games, etc.Special Remarks: As the children are staying in the same house please notice that there are special rules for the living together during the camp No Alcohol during the project


  • The Kinderbauernhof Association provide a space and the support for socially deprived children.
  • Eschenau is a place for children from homeless families or families with difficulties (e.g. alcohol problem, financial problems). We will do workshops and games with and for the children. We will show the children different cultures with international games, food, etc. We will work five days a week but we will also make excursions with the children. We will as well do some work on the farm (e.g. working with the animals of the farm, cleaning) and the surroundings. We might do some renovation work in the house and some gardening if needed.
  • Accommodation: We will be hosted in the Kinderbauernhof (childrens farm where the children also stay. As the children are staying in the same house please notice that there are special rules for living together during the camp Things to bring with you: We have beds for everybody; we dont sleep on the floor It is NOT necessary to bring your sleeping bag Food: We will cook for ourselves and sometimes for the kids as well. (Please inform us whether you require a special diet). Your accommodation and food are covered ( however, we recommend you to bring some pocket money: the currency used in Austria is Euros. Furthermore, we invite you to bring typical food, spices; drinks (PLEASE do NOT bring Alcohol Alcohol is not allowed in the house), games and music from your country (for an intercultural evening and workshops for the children) ( and a lot of motivation to work with children
  • The project is located in a Farm in Esschenau, a small town near Vienna.
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Grenzenlos (no limits or no borders) started in 1949 as one-year exchange program for young volunteers (which is todays ICYE International Cultural Youth Exchange). From its beginning (1996), Grenzenlos has been involved in the EVS (European Voluntary Service). Since 2001, Grenzenlos offers also short-term projects (work camps and MTVs) worldwide, as Alliance partner as well as in the frame of bilateral partnerships.
Grenzenlos is an NPO and NGO and is neither dependent on any political party, nor on any religious confession. The board of management consists mainly of returnees from Grenzenlos programmes. The organization is based in Vienna.


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