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  • 13/06/2019
  • 26/06/2019
  • 18 - 99
  • Progetto di breve durata

  • Belgium
  • LiEge
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  • 30.00  (f)


  • aeuroLa CITE s inventeaeuro is a non-profit educational organisation for sustainable development. Its mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote sustainable ways of life.The main objective of the organisation is to build and design an eco-centre for pedagogical purposes in the hillside (coteaux) of the Citadel of LiEge. An eco-centre is a multi-purpose facility dedicated to demonstration of innovations and knowledge transfers for environment protection and sustainable development. In addition to the development of the eco-centre, the organisation is carrying out numerous activities related to environment:aeuroActivities, workshop and trainings around nature, vegetable garden, forest garden, biodiversity, wild plantsaeuroaeurooetables daeurohEtesaeuro, sustainable food workshop, home-made bread workshopaeuroWorkcamps about eco-renovation and recyclingaeuroAwareness raising about sustainable accommodationaeuroaeurooeHealthy houseaeuro workshop on how to make
  • The main objective of the workcamp will be to help improving the outdoor and indoor facilities of the eco-centre and support the organisation of the festival aeurooeEcoteauaeuro which promotes the activities of the eco-centre and other local initiatives.Examples of tasks and activities to foresee during the workcamp:aeuroRebuild the wooden shelter of the vegetable gardenaeuroBuild outside dry-toiletsaeuroTake care of the vegetable garden, the forest garden: weed, rebuild the wooden boxes, plant, harvest prepare the soil for future plantingaeuroMaintain the surroundings, create walking pathsaeuroDig new pondaeuroSet-up nest boxaeuroSpend one or two days at an organic plantation to learn how to harvest fruits and vegetables (the harvest will be cooked back at the centre)aeuroBake homemade bread and pizza in our wood-fired ovenaeuroGather, discover and cook wild plantsaeuroPick and cook everything which grows on our site
  • Volunteers will sleep in tents on the site the eco-centre. Please bring a sleeping bag and a mattress.We wish the volunteers to only bring organic and natural care products (shampoo, soap,aeuro) Volunteers will be provided with an inside and an outside kitchen where they will cook for themselves. Food will be local, organic and mainly vegetarian.
  • The eco-centre is located in the Saint-LEonard area of LiEge, at the foot of the hillside of the Citadel. LiEge is the biggest city of Wallonia and the third city of Belgium after Brussels and Antwerp. The hillside of the Citadel is a rural area of more than 90 hectares partly located in the historical centre of LiEge, which half is classed as Natural Heritage of the Walloon Region. This site has more than 60 monuments recognized as Material Heritage by the Walloon Region and counts 13 km of walking trails.
  • This workcamp targets volunteers who are sensitive to environmental issues with a strong interest for sustainable development.Please bring good working shoes and clothes as well as a raincoat in case of rainy weather.In order to be coherent with the project s topic, we encourage volunteers to offset the CO2-emissions related to their place trip via, for example,

JAVVA is... JAVVA stands for “Jeunes Actifs dans le Volontariat et les Voyages Alternatifs” or in other words “Young People Active in Volunteering and Alternative Travel” and was founded as a non-profit organization in 2000. Since 2003, JAVVA has been recognized as a youth organization by the French-speaking government of Belgium. Our mission We aim to promote an ideal of tolerance, solidarity and peace between young people from around the world and to encourage their active participation and mobility. JAVVA has no political or ideological affiliation. Our approach International camps and volunteer projects enable intercultural encounters and the discovery of the other and therefore, in our opinion, represent a useful tool in the construction of peace. They contribute towards a fairer world with more solidarity and respect for differences. Even if our projects cannot be considered to be within the framework of humanitarian aid or emergency relief, they do invite participation in another culture, and teach team work while participating in a development project in the heart of a local community. Our main activities - International Workcamps - Medium or Long term Volunteering - European Voluntary Service (EVS) - Trainings


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