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  • 16/07/2019
  • 02/08/2019
  • 15 - 17
  • Campi per minorenni

  • ENVI
  • France
  • Ventalon en CEvEnnes
  • 1M - 1F
  • 15
  • 150.00 EUR
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  • The workcamp will take place in a unique place up in the National Reserved Area of Cevennes mountain (south of France), in partnership with two local associations. One of them is rehabilitating a Middle-Aged hostelry, making it a hostel once again, welcoming each and everyone according to their means and needs. The other is a citizens collective who try to manage the natural resources of the area in a collective and environment friendly-way.
  • The teenagers will be engaged with the local citizens collective, who manage a local chestnut grove. The specific nature of the work has not been determined yet, since it is the spring weather that will determine the needs for this summer. However, it is decided that the participants will work in preserving the natural resources of the area and enhance the local environment.
  • The workcamp will take place in a very remote area, where they will be hosted in camping tents. Kitchen, shower and toilet will also be equipped in a camping abode, but the participants will have access to a sanitary block (toilet and shower) in a nearby building. Moreover, if the weather is not agreeable for camping, there is a building just hundreds of meters away to seek shelter. As it has been said before, this remote area is located in a very beautiful landscape, and will offer each participant quite a unique panorama every morning
  • Location: The participants will camp next to Le Relais Bistro de l Espinas, in the rural area of Ventalon en CEvEnnes.Leisure activities: As the workcamp will take place in a remote area, most of the leisure activity will consist of discovering the natural wonders of the area, taking hikes in the mountains, sharing daily life with the local inhabitants, and more generally basking in the generous surrounding. Transportation will be possible to further discover the areas and organize leisure activities.
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Solidarites Jeunesses works alongside a number of partner organisations world-wide, exchanging volunteers and organising international solidarity projects. The association has been the French branch of Youth Action for Peace till 2009, a movement created after the First World War in order to reconcile people of different nationalities through a better mutual understanding.

Solidarites Jeunesses is a national youth organisation, recognised by the French Ministry of Youth and Sport. Our national headquarters are situated in Paris. We organise short and longer-term international youth volunteer workcamps and voluntary services, projects with people from disadvantaged areas, training sessions, and international solidarity projects. We also manage rural residential and community centres.

Solidaites Jeunesses is composed of 7 regional delegations: Ile-de-France, Franche-Comt�, Languedoc-Roussillon, PACA, Auvergne, Poitou-Charentes and Midi-Pyrenees. Moreover it cooperates with partners in the regions of Bretagne, Lorraine and with La Crois�e des Regards in the region PACA.

The international workcamp is a very important part in the action undertaken by Solidarites Jeunesses. It is prepared a long time in advance in the different regional offices and the National Secretariat.
The international workcamp, open to volunteers of any age, is seen as a tool of local and personal development, tolerance and understanding between the different participants. Furthermore, we lay emphasis on the inclusion of people coming from disadvantaged areas. The workcamps promote the active participation of the local population.


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