Visualizza dettagli : BASE NATURE VERCORS FRENCH SPEAKING (JR19/200)

  • 09/07/2019
  • 20/07/2019
  • 14 - 17
  • Campi per minorenni

  • France
  • DIE
  • Lyon
  • Full Full
  • 10
  • 380.00 EUR
  • Chantiers pour adolescents, 380€ de frais supplémentaires / Project for teenagers, 380€ extra fees.


  • The organization Base Nature Vercors, located on the mountain of the same name in the heart of a Regional Natural Park, has hosted for several years all kinds of projects, with one goal: to enable a wider audience to live in the wilderness. The site where the organization is established, named “La grange aux loups”, is meant to become an educational place about energy transition; since 2011, workcamp volunteers have contributed to this project. Indeed the last five years the association hosted groups of young volunteers for an eco-construction project and collective outdoors life, and wishes to repeat the experience this year. This is a French speaking workcamp : French will be the main language of the daily life, the work and the activities ; we expect the volunteers to have a least a basic level of French! More information :
  • During the stay you will have the mission to continue the work of the volunteers involved last year. This project of initiation to a common work will aim to finalize restoration of the collective kitchen: construction of an earth kiln, but also restore and ancestral cooker made in bricks to favor the use of renewable energies. You will also be required to carry out other activities to maintain and make the site live: maintenance of the kitchen garden, writing of the blog of the association, and various construction work, realization of a radio program, a concert, a theatre play. The theme of the site this year will be the "transition" to sensitize participants to a consumption of resources on the planet more mastered and relations between men more equitable. A project for nature lovers and creators of all kinds!
  • Be aware that the facility is comfy but basic, made for the outdoor life lovers! You will be accommodated in camping tents on the site of ‘La Grange aux Loups’ managed by the association. The floor mattresses will be provided, but please bring your own sleeping bag ( warm because the nights can be cold)! With the help of your leaders, you will actively participate in the organization of daily life: cooking, doing the dishes, storage, cleaning, garden maintenance ... The association Base Nature Vercors carries a special attention to the management of resources, energy and waste on the site, but also to the source of materials and food. Whenever possible, meals are prepared with local and organic products. You will surely eat less meat than you are used to, but this is for our planet’s good!
  • Base Nature Vercors is located a few miles from Vassieux en Vercors, a mountain village of more than 1000m. Warning: nights are cold!! With leaders of the association you can organize numerous activities for leisure and discovery: group games in nature, hiking, visiting local food producers... The Vercors plateau is known for having sheltered a large scrub resistance during the second world war, you can also explore this piece of local history.
  • EXTRA FEE: 380€ per person for the whole stay 1/This is a French speaking workcamp : French will be the main language of the daily life, the work and the activities ; we expect the volunteers to have a least a basic level of French! 2/ European volunteers should bring their European health care card, and everybody must, in any case, BRING THEIR INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. 3/Do not forget to bring : a warm sleeping bag, warm clothes for cold evenings and nights (socks, sweaters and rain-coat…), a bathing suit. For male volunteers: short pants are generally prohibited in the public swimming pools in France, please bring a bathing suit. For work: worn out and protective clothes, strong and closed shoes. Your games, songbooks, musical instruments and recipes, will be also welcome! To make exchanges and meetings easier, please also bring photos of your home, some postcards, small gifts… IMPORTANT NOTE : The workcamp which you will take part is based on your self discovery and the discovery of the others. Based on the last workcamps, we noticed that the mobile phone and particulary the smartphones hurted the group dynamic and theses relationships. The association Base Nature wish that this year all the mobilephones/ digital tablets will be in a safe place where they will charging. The mobilephones will be used one hour before the dinner. Of course, In emergency case or main reasons, the volunteers will have autorisation to use it.

Jeunesse et Reconstruction is a non profit organisation that has been developing, since 1948, activities towards young people:
voluntary workcamps, (70 workcamps organised in France each summer, more than 1000 projects proposed abroad thanks to our partner organisations)
mid and long-term voluntary service programmes,
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Through the organisation of these activities, we wish to promote values against all discrimination, for solidarity, commitment and voluntary work.
A team of 10 staff members and a group of active volunteers work all year long for the setting up and follow up of the association activities.
The head office is responsible for :
The co-ordination of the regional delegations, the relations with the foreign partners, the fund-raising, the publications and external communication of the association, the inscriptions of the volunteers on the different programmes, the setting up and follow up of the long term programmes, the organisation of the information sessions and the training sessions for volunteers.

The regional delegations of Jeunesse et Reconstruction
The three regional delegations of the association are responsible for the setting up and follow up of the workcamp activity in France. They are in charge of the contacts with the local partners, the preparation of the applications for funds of the activities. They ensure the logistic and pedagogic follow up of the teams of volunteers, while the activities are taking place on the spot.
The regional delegations also take part in the training made for campleaders and workcamp co-ordinators, and are involved in the follow up of some projects of long term voluntary work at a local level.
Agreements and networking
Jeunesse et Reconstruction is registered by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The association is a member of COTRAVAUX (French co-ordination), the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisation, of the C.C.I.V.S. (UNESCO), of the I.C.Y.E. Federation.


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