E-vet is a Web application created to facilitate the international exchange of volunteers.

The E-vet system is based on the principle of co-ownership, co-finance and co-management

The use of E-vet is reserved for organisations involved in international voluntary service. These organisations have legal status in their own country and they respect the usual standards of voluntary exchange 


In order to start to use E-vet, an organisation must make a request to the e-vet administrator who will then consult by email all users with 5 working days.. The E-vet limited version can be used by an organisation without any financial contribution. The acceptance procedure is the same.


The e-vet co-owners (Jeunesse et Reconstruction, Allianssi, Estyes and Genctur) can block the e-vet user status of any organisation who does not respect  the working method of the e-vet application process upon request of any e-vet user or administrator (Laurence Duprez and Kemal Abiska). We recommend strongly to follow the Quality Charter of The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations


The E-vet users pay a yearly contribution to cover the real cost of maintenance, hosting and development. The contribution is calculated on the basis of the decision made at each annual users meeting.


The annual payment has to be paid before the 15th of March of each year or upon acceptance.


An additional payment for any special modifications of the e-vet application, training, assistance, etc. can be requested of existing or new users by the administrator of e-vet on a case-by-case basis.


The application is created to facilitate the online placement of incoming and outgoing volunteers. Full use of e-vet by as many partners as possible is the only practical way to ensure the exact and current female/male free place status as well as any updated edits to the project dates and other details. Each user is solely obligated to keep their data accurate and up to date (projects and participants)