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  • 23/09/2017
  • 14/10/2017
  • 16 - 26
  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks

  • Germany
  • Osterode
  • Aachen
  • 3Male - 2Female
  • 15
  • Basic knowledge of French would be useful for this camp.

  • Picture can be from other project


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  • aeurooeDenkmalKunst aeuro( KunstDenkmalaeuro is a festival, taking place in 5 towns across Germany from 30.09 to 08.10.2017. 80 historical buildings will be opened to the public and newly brought to life with specially selected works of art and events. As part of the festival, the Lenzhaus in Osterode, an old factory building, will be professionally renovated. Together with a class from a secondary school from France, your group will be helping to rebuild a house; you will learn manual labour techniques from the past and work with traditional materials. The house will later be needed for public use, for example as an arthouse with available galleries and workshops. You will be staying in a former production hall on the Eulenberg campsite; there you will have your own large common room available.www.festival-dkkd.de
  • You will sleep on mattresses on the floor. Meals will be prepared and cooked together in groups.
  • There will be arts and cultural events with music, theatre, exhibitions and parties as part of the festival in the towns of Duderstadt, Einbeck, Hann Mnden, Northeim and Osterode. Osterode is on the edge of the Harz region, which is a very popular tourist and holiday destination thanks to its mountains, stalactite caves, mining museums and forests.
  • You should be interested in timber-frame constructions and therefore also keen to learn about building materials and techniques from the past.

Ijgd is an independent non-profit organisation active in the field of international youth work. It is one of the largest and oldest workcamp organisations in Germany.

After Worldwar II pupils from Hanover organised the first workcamps aiming to promote reconstruction, to reduce negative stereotypes through international encounters and to envisage new democratic forms of living together. In addition to workcamps, other activities have become part of the work over time. These are organised by six offices of ijgd and additional project offices. Young people can take part in mid-term and long-term voluntary services in Germany and abroad. The fields of activity include social and ecological service as well as heritage protection.
The work of ijgd is funded by state and federal subsidies as well as from other public institutions.

Encouraging intercultural understanding has remained one of the main focuses. Ijgd enables people to actively create community life while giving them the opportunity to broaden their horizons.
Ijgd invites all interested people to join projects working for the communal good!
Self-Organization is spelt with a capital S at ijgd! It purposely foregoes a camp day that is organized by its participants in lieu of a completely pre-organized one. A readiness for active participation in the group is expected from all participants. The group organizes everything about the camp, this includes grocery shopping, cooking, deciding what to do with free time, as well as all other activities of the camp.