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organisation VEREIN.JUNGER FREIWILLIGER Country GERMANY Nearest terminal BERLIN, 12527, KRIMNITZER WEG 25
Code VJF17-3.2
From - To 24/04/17 - 04/05/17
Type - Short_term/ workcamp
Work - Language camps
Project lang. German /
Age between 18 - 26
Total_Vols 12
Needed 3M - 1F
Remarks / Additional comments: Hinweis: Dieser Kurs ist fuer absolute Beginner ungeeignet, es sollten schon Sprachkenntnisse (Minimum: A2) vorhanden sein. (Bitte schicke deine Motivation auf Deutsch) Remarks: This course is meant for participants who have already some German skills (minimum A2). (Please provide a Motivation letter in German with your application)
last update on 27/04/17  
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